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25mm 3d mink eyelashes guide

25mm 3d mink eyelashes guide

—Guccilashes Monday Product Introduction

When you see this article, you are welcome to stop here on a bus journey. Whether you have a career in eyelashes, I just want to share the beauty with you during this relaxing time. Dear, have you seen 25mm 3d mink eyelashes?

What does the 25mm 3d mink lashes mean? Sexy beauty.

So friends, have you try 25mm long 3d mink lashes?

The 25mm eyelash belt will give you a different feeling, and our models will show you.

Next, I will give you a brief look at this beautiful 25mm Mink Eyelash.

The appearance of the 25mm large eyelashes is to break the conventional beauty. It is thick, and the effect is that the 16MM eyelashes are not sexy. For the large eyelashes of 25MM, we have two series: DH and DB.

DH Series

This series of 25mm large eyelashes is an innovative design after 3D eyelashes. A total of 21 styles were launched.
There are crossover styles, such as DH002, DH004, etc., there are also thick and thin styles, such as DH013, DH003, and more slender styles, such as DH011 and DH017, 21 styles are essentially different. You can choose Choosing one is special.

Because each of our models is a new design inspiration, not an imitation of old products, we only pursue different souls.

Which one do you like?

If you want to know more styles please click here:

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DB Series

This eyelash is also 25mm, but if DH is a routine beauty, this series is a bold innovation.

This eyelash is characterized by two layers and has a 6D effect. The main feature is the beauty of the goblin, fascinating. Why does it become a star product? The answer allows him to discover the sexiness in your bones. What can this eyelash bring? Maybe you are walking down the street and becoming the most attractive person. Tomorrow you are a star.

This eyelash is to tell you that everything is possible and beautiful.

Click here for more styles:

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Friends, maybe you are still a conservative girl, maybe you are still a girl who likes nature. But it doesn’t matter, I want to share more different possibilities with you. The combination of many kinds of beauty is the ever-changing of you.


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