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25MM Hot Star Style double Thick Eyelashes in the market

25MM Hot Star Style double thick eyelashes in the market

—-Guccilashes recommended on Tuesday

Hello everyone, it’s time to recommend eyelashes every Tuesday. The eyelashes recommended for this week are 25MM double-layer Thick Eyelashes DB307 in the hot market.

The lengths I recommended in the past few weeks are more Natural Styles Lashes. Why did you change the style before this Monday, the recommended 25MM double-layer large eyelashes?

Because this eyelash is really different on the eyes. The following will be shown in a video.

As you can see from the video, the entire makeup has not changed, just the eyelashes. But changing from 3D eyelashes to thicker eyelashes has changed the overall look.

When wearing a Thick Eyelash, the makeup becomes more sexy.

Do you like this Thick Eyelashes? Welcome the message below, see you next week.


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