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3 Second Magnetic Eyelashes Glue

3 Second Magnetic Eyelashes Glue

What is 3 Second Magnetic Eyelashes Glue?

The raw material of Magnetic Eyelash Glue is different from Eyelash Glue in that it contains magnetic powder. The function of the magnetic powder is to attract the magnet on the eyelash stem.

The principle of magnetic eyelash glue

Magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyelash glue can be quickly adsorbed. The principle adopted is the principle of magnetism that the same sex repels the opposite sex and attracts each other.

Styles of magnetic eyelash glue

Guccilashes, China’s largest high-quality Eyelash Vendors Mink Wholesale, has been on the way to innovation and research, and development. Bringing a new experience to every consumer is one of our goals.

For the magnetic eyelash glue used with magnet eyelashes on the market, Guccilashes has launched two styles:

  • Black bottle body, golden lid. The eyelash glue liquid inside is also black.
3 Second Magnetic Eyelashes
  • The pink queen’s scepter bottle, the eyelash glue liquid inside is brown
3 Second Magnetic Eyelashes

These two styles, from the appearance design to the color of the glue, from the gorgeous to the low-key luxury style, satisfy women’s pursuit of beauty in all aspects.

In fact, the Magnetic Eyeliner And Magnetic Eyelash Kit are colored and visible. This takes into account the eyeliner step in makeup. When putting on the eyelashes, just one swipe, the eyeliner, and eyelash glue are in place in one step.

How to use magnetic eyelash glue?

Before putting on the eyelashes, apply magnetic eyelash glue evenly to the roots of the eyelashes on the eyelids according to the usual makeup habits, and then absorb the cut Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner.

Magnetic Mink Eyelashes Private Label are very easy to absorb on the applied glue. Compared with the traditional eyelash glue, there is no need to wait for the eyelash glue to half dry, which saves time.

If you have an eyelash shop and need to inject new vitality into your shop, magnet eyelashes can help you expand your territory and inject new vitality into you.

If you need or have any professional questions about eyelashes, please feel free to contact Guccialshes Chloe<<<+8617561687025

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