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3D Mink Lashes Clear Box

3D Mink Lashes Clear Box

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There is an old saying in China that simplicity is the ultimate complexity. This sentence is best for use on the Eyelash Packaging Case . Nowadays, the boxes on the market are rich in style, and more and more styles will be fascinated. In this case, the difficulty of the selection is increased, but for me, the simple Lash Box style is preferred. The eyelash style I want to share with you today is the Lashes Clear Box I like.

These Packaging For Eyelashes do not have so many patterns, the color is single, but it can better highlight the Mink Eyelashes.

We have clear rectangular and clear Eyelash Round Plastic Box.

Rectangular box

This is completely transparent and thick, and it is very textured in the hand. The 3D Mink Lashes are transparent and clean, which can perfectly set off the beauty of the eyelashes. This box is my favorite.

Eyelash Round Plastic Box

(A) Full transparency: This box is also completely transparent, but unlike Rectangular Boxes, you can put different colors of cardboard underneath. You can choose the color you like, and the effect of putting on the 3D Mink Eyelash is different.

(B) The lid is transparent: the lid of the box is transparent, and this design is a good way to see the full look of the Mink Eyelashes. The lower part of the box is a mirrored version with two colors: rose gold and rose pink. Rose gold is low-key and elegant, rose pink is lovely and lively, which one can be. The same one can also choose the paper jam you like.

(C) The cover is transparent and the base is black: this box is black and transparent. Different from transparent and clean, this looks simple but very high-end. Putting your favorite paper jam inside, it feels great!

(D) Translucent cover: To be honest, I don’t like this box very much, but everyone’s aesthetic is different, I decided to share it. The lid of the box is transparent and black, and looks like a ring, very special.

These boxes are not only attractive but also very convenient.

You can put it in your bag. It is very convenient for girls who travel with them. Walking on the street and taking out the high-value lash box, I am the most confident girl!

Today’s sharing is here. If you like it or have any suggestions, please contact me or leave your idears. See you next week!


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