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Why Guccilashes design team do the 3D Silk Eyelashes? 3D Mink Lashes are very popular in America, Canada, Australia and so on.

But Each Country’s Culture and Religious Belief is different, Aesthetic also has a great difference.

We Have Noticed Some Feedback That Some People They Like Smooth but different layers of Eyelashes.

 In order to meet this demand, we launched 3D Silk lashes in 2015, which broke the limitation of Mink Lashes, mink eyelashes, and quickly occupied the market. And in 2020 we have developed a new Vegetarian eyelash, which is a pure plant in the true sense.

Middle East people and the people who don’t like animal hair but want to wear real eyelashes. 3D Silk Eyelash are the best choice.

We hereby show some. Pick your favorites:

Pure Plant Eyelash

  Most of the raw materials for Vegan Eyelashes on the market today are artificial fibers. The Guccilashes research team has been seeking breakthroughs.

Breaking through yourself is also breaking through the market, just to give customers a better experience.
Later, we discovered a new type of material-bamboo protein fiber, which is refined from pure plants and is non-toxic and healthy. Profoundly implement the concept of vegetarian eyelashes. This pure plant fiber uses a special technique to extract protein fibers from bamboo at a ratio of 1: 300.

What are the advantages of this Pure Plant Eyelashes? It looks closer to mink hair, with a sense of layering, light and flexible. When you blow with your mouth, you can see that each one has waves.

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New products will bring new markets. At present, only we master this technology, Guccilashes hope to bring our customers the latest and high-end products.

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3D Silk Eyelash

3D Silk Eyelash Styles

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Others are also ok, There are many many express companies in China, as the UPSFedEx, TNT, ADPEXDPEX and so on. Just meet your request.

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