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A Comprehensive Overview of Mink Lashes

Why are our 3D mink eyelashes so popular in the


3D Mink lashes refer to hair extensions found as strip lashes applied on your eyes as needed.Eyelashes are for people who don’t want permanent eyelashes.They can increase the length of eyelash, ply, plump degree, still can enhance the natural effect of eyelash.Eyelashes are attached one by one to make sure they don’t stick together.They are the most natural looking lashes that you can use to enhance the overall look of your natural lashes.


What mink lashes are made of and their characteristics

Mink eyelashes are made of mink fur.They don’t have any dyes or chemicals, which means they have a rich velvet appearance.They are smooth, delicate and soft, like raw fur.It is their looks that make them popular among people including celebrities.Mink lashes have a very good improvement, even if you wet them, they won’t lose their big curls.When they get wet, they go straight and thin.Eyelashes are very light and thin, and they are more shiny than silk eyelashes, making them look shiny.

How to care for them

In order to let 3D mink eyelashes bring what you want, lasting effect, must notice at ordinary times nurse.Do not wear them to sleep, do not let them touch the water.Remove them carefully and save them carefully when not in use.With proper care, they can be used again and again about 25 times.

Who can use the mink lashes?

Mink lashes can be used by anyone who want to improve the volume, length and overall look of their natural eyelashes. They are fabulous option for ladies who want to stand up and look unique from others.

Can you apply the lashes if you have sensitive eyes?

Mink lashes are hypoallergenic in nature. Unless you are oversensitive to fur, mink lashes will not have any side effects when you apply them. However, if you apply them in a messy way, remove them improperly and do not care for them, your eyes might react.

What makes them better than other eyelash types? Mink lashes are unique and best option because they are very close to human eyelashes. They are fuller and longer, making them give a luxurious feel. They are also easy to wear and light just like the natural eyelashes. Mink lashes are comfortable and do not have any side effects when applied.

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