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About Lashes And Packaging customized services

About Lashes And Packaging Customized Services

1. Can I receive the customized Lashes And Packaging sample earlier?

The time required for Private Eyelash Packaging is 13-18 days. Including the time of placing orders and the time of production. If the custom sample is customized, the time required is the same as that of a large batch.

In fact, we do not recommend Custom Lash Packaging Box samples. Because it takes too long, if you need to expand your eyelash business, time is money. The significance of custom samples is to see whether the box design meets the requirements. However, Guccilashes will design the renderings for your first look at the box effect. The production pattern and the effect picture are roughly the same.

2. Can I see the rendering first?

Generally speaking, after placing the order, we will provide the design of the rendering for free. But many customers are confused and hope to see the renderings first. In fact, it is also possible. You only need to pay a design advance payment of $20, and we will arrange an exclusive designer design rendering for you.

What is design advance payment?

It is the design advance payment for the whole order that is paid first. If you like the designed renderings and want to place an order. Then the $20 can be deducted when the final payment is made. For example, the amount of the entire order is 1020 US dollars, because the advance payment has been paid before, so you only need to pay another 1000 US dollars. In other words, when you place an order, the design is free.

3. How long will it take if I don’t print the brand name and only need some patterns?

This is also a custom box, which also takes 13-18 days. Of course, if you choose a transparent rectangular box, it only takes 7 days.

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