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Are Lashes Worth Doing First?

Does Lashes Worth to be the first business?

These days one of my client has been having a problem. She want to build 3 business:

  • Dropshipping on ebay
  • Online clothing site
  • Online eyelash site

But the difficulty is money not enough to start all three businesses at once . So must to choose one business to start, she chosed the eyelash business finally.

Why should choose lashes site? And are Lashes Worth doing ?

To the person that just steps eyelash industry can same doubt. For the
doubt, based on years of experience, the answer is “Yes”! There are several reasons :

  • High demand
  • High usage frequency
  • Diversified consumer groups

High demand : Because of natural factors, such as environment, genes, metabolism and so on. Eyelashes will fall off naturally. However North American and European eyes are very deep, thick eyelashes make them more beautiful.

When eyelashes fall off, they need false eyelashes, which are a necessity. So the Eyelash market demand is very large.

High usage frequency: Properly protected, a pair of top quality lashes can be used 20-30 times. A person needs 13-19 pairs of eyelashes a year, once a day, without shedding the lashes.

But lashes can be worn out during the wearing process, so there’s actually a bit more to it.

Diversified consumer groups : Eyelash’s customer base is diverse across age and gender. It can be worn by old and young people, men and women.

Different types of eyelashes are required for different roles. Need to wear natural eyelashes during the day, but when go to a party, maybe need to show individual character , such as a personality and bold style.

For more styles, click in<<<

More Lashes<<<

So the future of the eyelash industry is very good.

Gucci Lashes has witnessed the partners from nothing to their own eyelashes business. Every one of them is doing very well. We have many years of lashes experience. And we will tell you how to do the lashe business well.

So be confident to eyelash industry, have confidence to Gucci Lashes, Lashes Are Worth doing!

So after choosing lash industry, how to purchase?

About this question, you can check out tomorrow’s blog, will tell you how to choose styles and quantities.


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