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Are minks killed for eyelashes?

 I’m a mink to work for the Official Mink Lashes, and I learned of a sad event through TV news-Australian forest fire. It was very sad for me to hear the news. I hear that the fire is caused by dry weather, little rain, and some human factors. In this way, many of our siblings have no home. Fortunately, I’m not in that forest.

We love freedom, but if there is no home and life, then freedom is useless. The topic of how to protect us has become a hot topic again. I see many people asking: Are minks killed for Official Mink Lashes?

Oh no, that’s ridiculous. “It is not right to kill mink to make Official Mink Lashes in the time of peace” When we knew the world, I heard Guccilashes staff say. Seriously, I was scared when I knew that Guccilashes making Mink False Eyelashes. Because I heard that Cruelty Mink Hair is a scam, we will be brutally killed. But after a day, I found that I was safe. After a week of worrying, I found that I was not only safe but also enjoyed the very good treatment.

 I understand that not everything is true. At least I know that Guccilashes is really free cruel. It is not as good as the vast world in the forest, but life is comfortable. Just like going to work.

Correct! It’s like going to work here. Don’t worry about the wind and the sun, no food. There are still messages on time, but someone regularly combs our hair for us. Collecting our shed hair, at first, I didn’t know what the hair could be used for. Later, I heard the staff say that it is false eyelashes, which can bring beauty to beautiful ladies. Wow! We can bring value to work.

 When it’s okay, many of our friends can play together. There will be a lot of space for us to entertain.

 I don’t understand why some people say that mink must be killed to make eyelashes. Just as some people say that mink hair is cruel and Mink Faux Fur is recommended, this is also for selling 3D Synthetic False Eyelashes.

People have the right to choose. Just like animals, life is equal and work is equal. Whether it is vegetarian eyelashes or mink eyelashes, it is your own choice, just like my job. If it is safe and healthy, how do you know that I don’t want to?

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