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How to meet the low-consumption people’s pursuit of Vegan Eyelashes

How to meet the low-consumption people’s pursuit of Vegan Eyelashes

Everyone’s income level is different, and so are their spending power. When doing eyelash business, not only must consider customers’ pursuit of beauty, but also collect some high-quality mink hair. You can also make some High-quality Vegan Eyelashes to meet the low-cost customers’ pursuit of beauty.

Open up a new eyelash line to meet the low-spending crowd

The quality of the Mink Lashes Wholesale determines the value of the brand. Is it a wise move to reduce the quality of your 3D Mink Eyelashes Private in order to satisfy the low-spending crowd? I think it may not be. Because everyone has the same view of beauty, you have to believe that beauty products can attract everyone.

How to meet the needs of low consumption? The answer is unquestionable, open up a new eyelash line.

High quality Vegan Eyelashes

Velvet Eyelashes are another material, but its effect is comparable to High-quality Mink Lashes.

In order to cater to different groups of people, including vegetarians and people who enjoy low consumption but want to pursue beauty, this new business is a great choice.

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The advantage of expanding an eyelash line is to expand the compatibility of the brand. All market groups, when your eyelash business is compatible, will generate greater profits.

Of course, what needs attention is the quality of newly developed products. Product quality is the soul of a brand. If the new eyelash line violates the brand concept, then for a formed brand, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

The pursuit of beauty is everyone’s right. Guide beauty and satisfy more people’s pursuit of beauty. Guccilashes is always by your side.

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A good opportunity to change to High Quality Mink Lash line

A Good Opportunity To Change To High Quality Mink Lash Line

Are you still doing Cheaper Eyelashes? In fact, now is a good opportunity to change the High Quality Mink Lash line. In an epidemic situation or every major disaster, human beings are not violently abandoning themselves, but constantly reflecting on themselves. Correct the attitude of life, strive to improve the quality of life, and at the same time, people are more eager for the pleasure of good products.

After that epidemic, there will definitely be retaliatory consumption. The so-called retaliatory consumption is a kind of retaliatory ridicule. In fact, it is a selfish expression of people pursuing a quality life and a healthy life. Behind this is actually the abnormal group compensatory heart attack, to compensate for the previous pale life, and to find a richer life experience.

Value investment theory tells us that the more the economy is under pressure, the more it must insist on high-value investment. At this time, every expenditure should be cautious, and every point should be paid for high value.

Mink Eyelashes Vendor Guccilashes Faux Mink Eyelashes always pursue high-quality beliefs will not change, a pair of High-quality Eyelashes will make your eyes instantly refreshed. In a special period, you can reconnect yourself with your inner theoretical universe and choose a pair of Good Eyelashes to show yourself.

For those who do eyelash business, does the product line need to be adjusted? This is a great opportunity, are you eager to try it? You can plan ahead, if you have any questions or need help, you can contact us at any time.

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How to choose and Create Your Own Brand Eyelash style?

How to choose and Create Your Own Brand Eyelash style?

I recently met an eyelash businessman who is creating his own eyelash brand. After seeing our products, he believes very much in product quality. But in choosing a style, he encountered a problem. How to choose and Create Your Own Brand Eyelash style?

Choose styles according to your own brand characteristics and ideas

There are tens of thousands of Luxury Mink Lashes styles on the market, but in fact, they all evolved from the most basic ones. It’s impossible to choose all of the so many styles. When choosing a style, you should choose the one that suits you best according to your own brand characteristics and inside.

The biggest misunderstanding is to look at one and like one. If you always pursue the latest styles, you will never choose your own eyelash catalog. Because there will always be a steady stream of new styles. Blindly pursue the latest models, just follow the trend, we should be fashion guides rather than followers.

Comprehensive style eyelashes and potential style eyelashes

In the selection of styles, you can refer to the comprehensive Best Selling Mink Lashes styles and potential Privet Label Lashes styles. Hot-selling Mink Eyelash styles are always your eyelash business opportunities and can bring you profits. And the potential stock eyelashes are the styles that have the opportunity to help you breakthrough in all eyelash businesses.

Irreplaceable products

Styles can be imitated, but you must look for irreplaceable original products. Just as there is many similar Cruelty Free 3d Mink Eyelashes on the market, the true soul of a style cannot be copied. This is the charm of Handmade Eyelashes and original products. Looking for original eyelashes merchants, your eyelash products will be irreplaceable.

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Pursue beauty, guide beauty, create beauty.

Guccilashes helps you create a beautiful eyelash kingdom.

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How to name Private Label Lash Packaging?

How to name each eyelash box according to the name of the eyelashes?

In order to expand the eyelash business, add different eyelash styles to meet different groups of people. This is what an eyelash trader must do. Different eyelash styles will have different eyelash names. Naming the eyelashes is a great idea! Similarly, when looking for Diy Lash Packaging, name different Individual Eyelashes according to different styles of Wholesale Mink Eyelash. This is a kind of detection and demand. So how do you name each Private Label Lash Packaging?

Different names are printed directly on the box

In the process of customizing the eyelash box, the logo needs to be printed on the Private Label Lash Packaging. Then the eyelash name can also be printed directly on the box. This way looks better! But the issues that need to be paid attention to are the following:

First, you need to print multiple names of different 3D Mink Eyelashes, which is equivalent to making a variety of style eyelash boxes. Yes, you heard it right. The only difference is that the name of the eyelashes is different, which means that the style of the box is also different. why? My dear, it’s like copying. Of course, there is only one kind of box drawing.

Then, the minimum order quantity for each custom eyelash box is one hundred, so suppose you have five different Mink Lashes Wholesale names, and you need to order five hundred by printing the Eyelash Private Label names directly on the box.

If you need to customize enough quantity, this method is recommended.

Make a name sticker and put it on the Private Label Lash Packaging

What if I only need 100 pieces, but I don’t have a different eyelash name on the Packing Private Label?

Guccilashes’ suggestion for you is to make metal name stickers. You can customize a variety of different eyelash name stickers for only 30 dollars, and stick them directly on the eyelash box. You can choose the font, size, and color you like.

The most important thing is that this name sticker is made of metal, leaving no traces, and looks very good in texture. This is a great way for eyelash buyers with limited budgets and needs.

Add a touch of color to your eyelash business.

Also seek the most intimate service for your customers!

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How to attach Natural False Eyelashes as the makeup blogger?

Everyone sticks False Eyelashes, but is your Natural False Eyelashes perfect? Do not say that you will not apply 3D Mink Lashes from today, this is actually very simple! This blog will teach you how to put out Natural False Eyelashes.

First, be sure to curl your eyelash curler before putting on Faux Eyelashes, so that it will not be obtrusive after applying false eyelashes. and it will look more natural. If not curled up, double lashes will appear.

Secondly, trim the Mink Lashes to the length of your eyes. Avoid sharp Mink Eyelashes.

 The last and very important step is the Lash Glue. Make sure the Best Eyelashes Glue is firmly fixed at the beginning of the application and then remove the glue. When applying glue, apply the first layer as a whole, then air dry it and wait for it to dry. It is about 30% dry. Apply glue on the head, middle, and end of the eye, apply a little bit of it, and then dry it a little bit. Finally, if you stick it on, the drop will improve a lot.

The above is technically how to make false eyelashes look natural. Of course, if you want to make your false eyelashes look more natural, the most important thing is the quality of the eyelashes. The curved 3D Mink Lashes hair looks naturally three-dimensional, very similar to its own eyelashes. High-quality eyelash stem bands are comfortable and soft, with better comfort and higher practical value. If you want to know more about high-quality eyelashes, you can click the link directly to view.

At the same time, the eyelash glue must be of good quality, otherwise you can imagine the pictures of eyelashes falling off the street? In addition, the stickiness is not enough to make the eyelashes very thick and unnatural.
Creating beautiful makeup is actually very simple, you can also become a beauty blogger.

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Why choosing Privet Label Lashes products is important?

Some successful eyelash merchants have their own secrets of success, including sales skills, peak sales seasons, etc. But they believe that the most important thing for a good eyelash business is to choose a good eyelash product and carefully choose their eyelash supplier. So, why choose your Privet Label Lashes carefully?

Product quality will affect your entire brand

Just today, an eyelash dealer approached me and said that his last eyelash business had failed. Because he chose to replace cheap and poor quality eyelash products for some profit. This directly led to the loss of all his previous customers, and the $3,000 eyelashes could not be sold, and the reputation of his own brand was destroyed. This is because they are greedy for cheap and choose the wrong supplier and eyelash products, which directly caused their business to fail.

Christmas eyelash box
Christmas eyelash box

Think about it, how to buy high-quality products at low prices? There will be no pies in the sky.

Avoid using different Privet Label Lashes styles

Another reason for choosing eyelash products carefully is to determine your own product style. Different eyelash suppliers can produce the same product differently. If you change eyelash suppliers frequently, your consumers will get different quality products and affect your brand image. Therefore, we must carefully choose a suitable Luxury Mink Eyelash Supplier. So how to choose a Mink Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor?

How to distinguish Guccilashes high quality eyelashes

Choose suppliers with the same sales philosophy

Each supplier’s sales philosophy may be different. For example, some Mink 3d Eyelashes Vendors promote the production of High-end Eyelashes, while other eyelash suppliers can win the market with cheap products. I believe that high quality is the most important factor to ensure the long-term vitality of the market. But everyone has their own opinions. Just choose a supplier with the same sales philosophy as yours. However, before determining your sales philosophy, you must understand the market conditions. Will lower-priced products be more profitable?

GucciLashes can provide you with High-quality Eyelash products and can maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with you so that your brand image can grow rapidly.

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How to maintain 3d mink lashes private labels to extend eyelashes life?

How to maintain mink eyelashes to extend eyelashes life?

Many people wonder if 3D Mink Lashes Private Labels can be reused. Some novices will not take care of them in their daily lives. As a result, the life span of mink eyelashes becomes very short. Some low-quality mink eyelashes have a short lifespan, and because there is no routine maintenance, they have almost become disposable items. In fact, the average life of high-quality GucciLashes eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. If maintenance is carried out in daily life, the service life can be extended to 30-35 times. So, what are the methods for keeping 3D Mink Lashes Private Labels in daily life?

Remove 3d mink lashes private labels Carefully

Be careful when removing mink eyelashes. Remove them gently, as any additional pressure will only damage them. But before removing them, you need to wash your hands with odorless soap. Now, apply a little makeup remover (water-based) on the eyelashes to help loosen the glue. After a few seconds, hold the eyelash handle and gently pull it out. (Note: When pulling, hold the corner of the eyelash handle instead of the eyelashes)

After removing the eyelashes, you need to remove the glue on the natural eyelash line. This is important because it may affect your lash line if not handled properly. In addition, you may find it difficult to reapply false eyelashes to the lash line.

It is very important to remove glue from false eyelashes. You can use tweezers to release all the glue from the front and back. If necessary, scrape off any remaining glue with the help of your nails.

Careful removal of Natural Looking Mink Lashes can maximize the correction and maintenance of mink eyelashes.

Clean Luxury Mink Lashes Regularly

GucciLashes’ mink eyelashes have been subjected to a special physical ironing process and have a certain degree of water resistance. After washing the face or swimming, the mink eyelashes still maintain their original curvature.

But this requires regular cleaning, because when you finish swimming, a small amount of salt in the pool will remain on your eyelashes, and over time they will erode your eyelashes. Therefore, you must clean the eyelashes regularly, rinse the eyelashes with clean water, then gently pat the moisture, and then place them in a cool place to dry naturally. This can effectively extend the life of eyelashes.

Use a False Eyelashes 3d Mink box for protection

Mink eyelashes are very small things, if you just throw them away, you may never find them. Some external friction may also damage the integrity of mink eyelashes. Therefore, it reflects the effect of the eyelash box. The eyelash box is not only used for decoration, but more importantly, it can protect your eyelashes. Protect your eyelashes from dust and external forces, and protect the integrity of your eyelashes to the greatest extent, thereby extending the life of your eyelashes.

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Why Guccilashes do not provide Free Eyelashes Samples?

Why Guccilashes do not provide Free Eyelashes Samples?

The development of online e-commerce has made online ordering a very convenient way to shop. In addition to the convenience, some frauds follow. Before the Wholesale Mink Eyelash Bulk was sold, many merchants proposed marketing gimmicks of free samples. Why doesn’t Guccilashes provide Free Eyelashes Samples? Because we only make High-quality Mink Eyelashes, we are fully capable of ensuring the quality of the products as you wish.

The reason why we cannot provide free samples is also because of the high cost of our products and the complicated production process.

High Cost

The freight is very expensive. The shipping cost for a pair of Eyelash Samples to the United States is about US$30, while shipping to other remote countries may be as high as US$70. Imagine that there are nearly 30 customers who need Free Eyelashes Samples every day, and shipping costs are already very high. Not everyone can order large quantities of goods after receiving samples.

Some customers say that other eyelash companies only deduct shipping costs when sending samples, and the cost of the eyelashes itself is not accepted. But it is worth noting that the cost of the Faux Mink Eyelashes is also very different. Our company’s eyelash products are made of 100% mink hair, and each pair of Individual Eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. Those cheap eyelashes can be said to be disposable products. Therefore, the cost of our eyelashes is high and relatively expensive. Just like cosmetics, things bought on the roadside are always cheaper than those bought in specialty stores, but the quality is lower than that of specialty stores.

Complex production process

Sometimes, the products that customers need need to be customized. At this time we admit the cost of mold opening. Because from the general design concept given by the customer, to the completion of the design by our designers, to the completion of the processing. You need to pay for each step. Moreover, when making such a private customized sample, the cost of machine operation is much higher than the cost of manufacturing a large number of goods. Therefore, we will bear part of the cost.

n the Internet age, online shopping has become a trend. However, online shopping also brings huge risks to both buyers and sellers. Therefore, trust becomes particularly valuable. Guccilashes is a long-distance eyelash brand. Consumers are also welcome to test our quality, we must understand each other with consumers. Only in this way can long-term cooperation be possible.

We are the first to provide consumers with the best quality and latest style eyelash products! ! !

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Qingdao False eyelash orders increased by 40%

Qingdao False eyelashes orders increased by 40%

Pingdu, Qingdao is the hometown of False Eyelash in China. There are more than 800 local eyelash constant production companies, accounting for 70% of global eyelash production. With “Double Eleven” approaching, Qingdao’s total eyelash orders increased by 40%, and the order is in a state of bursting every day. Does this affect foreign suppliers who import eyelashes?

A large number of orders lead to longer False Eyelash

The production of High-quality Mink Eyelashes takes time. Each pair of Eyelashes Mink Natural needs professional workers to understand the design and make them according to the design concept. On the premise of ensuring the quality and design of Faux Mink Lashes, it takes a certain amount of time.

A large number of orders will make the delivery time longer. Assuming that the delivery time given by the supplier is 100 pairs to 7 days, but there are a large number of reservations that are too large and all are in the order, then the production is carried out according to the order. The delivery time of 100 pairs of eyelashes will become 14 days.

This is an impact for buyers who want to purchase Eyelash Private Label. Procurement time needs to be arranged reasonably, and production time is set aside for suppliers during peak season. For how to arrange purchase time, you can refer to this blog.

When is the Best time to Purchase Cruelty-free Lashes Top Selling?

Seize business opportunities and strictly review the quality of eyelashes

When Individual Eyelashes purchases become busy, it indicates that market demand is increasing, and it is also an opportunity for eyelash businesses. The eyelash merchants who have just started should seize this opportunity to quickly enter the market and create their own brand.

How to break into the market and quickly create your own brand? The selection is very important. The market value of high-quality and designed eyelashes is immeasurable. Attract consumers quickly, and guide beautiful girls to pursue more advanced beauty.

Create beauty, guide beauty, bring beauty.
Help everyone who wants to make money to create their own eyelash brand. Follow me and bring the latest news.

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Are you sure you want to miss the best price for Black Friday Eyelashes?

Are you sure you want to miss the best price for eyelashes? –Black Friday

Every year, March and September are the hot shopping festivals, and you will get big discounts at this time. It’s November now, what should I do if I miss the purchasing festival? In fact, Black Weekday is also a good opportunity to purchase. Are you sure you want to miss the best price of Black Friday Eyelashes from Guccilashes?

Why get a good price on Black Friday?

For High-quality Mink Eyelashes, there is no discount. Then why can you get a good price during Black Friday?

In fact, this is a kind of support from the supplier to the customer.

Will the price decrease and the quality will decrease?

Compared with price, quality is the most worrying thing. Many people find that the quality of Black Friday Eyelashes is far from what they expected after buying discounted products. The homogeneity of discounted False Eyelashes is very serious, and they replicate each other. Finally, when you buy more false eyelashes, you pay less even during the discounted time. But the worse things happen, there are so many of the same things on the market that you simply cannot sell.

This is why you want your own design and insist on high quality. You can buy high-quality Black Friday Mink Eyelashes from Guccilashes at a good price on Black Friday.

We are working hard to provide them with quality Mink Lashes Wholesale and other Faux Mink Lashes.

Everything we do should really solve our customers’ problems.

Of course, as said, Black Friday is just a support and feedback for our customers, so the amount of time is limited. Are you sure you want to miss

Honestly, kindness.

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