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Custom Personalized Cartoon Eyelash Packaging Boxes Exporter

Custom Personalized Cartoon Eyelash Packaging Boxes Exporter

Want to have a unique eyelash box? Click Here to view a helpful blog. Custom Personalized Cartoon Eyelash Packaging Boxes Exporter will give you some suggestions. Today we are going to talk about the new fashion element in the eyelash market—cartoon.

Clear Butterfly Acrylic Lash Case

The colorful butterfly pattern + Clear Eyelash Case is currently the hottest combination of cartoon patterns.
Colored butterflies printed on ordinary transparent boxes are both simple and advanced. Of course, personal information can be printed on the back of the box, or logo information can be printed in the middle of the Butterfly Eyelash Packaging.

Custom Clear Butterfly Acrylic Lash Case

Eyelash Cartoon logo Packaging

When all eyelash box merchants are seeking a breakthrough in 2020, a magnet box with a cartoon logo instantly detonates the market.

Different from ordinary logos, it uses a cartoon shape to change your logo. Or make your own portrait into a cartoon pattern and print it on a magnet box or a transparent box.

Custom Eyelash Cartoon logo Packaging

The popularity of the cartoon eyelash box benefited from the fun and creativity brought by the cartoon group, which showed the eyeballs of customers in an exaggerated and cute way. Customers can quickly remember the eyelash brand logo, which is full of fun.

Applying different fashion elements to eyelash boxes and eyelash brands, you may be the next person to detonate the market!

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Some Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas

Some Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas

How to have a Creative Eyelash Packaging Ideas?

How can I design a Unique Eyelash Packaging Ideas?

How to make the Lash Packaging Boxes different?

Guccilashes is not only the largest High-quality Mink Eyelashes supplier but also provides you with customized services for eyelash boxes. If you want to get an attractive eyelash box, we provide you with some inspiration.

Turn ordinary windows into special-shaped windows

The eyelash box window can intuitively see the style of eyelashes. Common windows are square, rectangular, and round.

custom eyelash packaging boxes with heart window

In fact, the window of the eyelash box can also be different: a special-shaped window and half window. Try to imagine, in a pile of eyelash boxes with rectangular windows and special-shaped windows, which one will catch your eye?

custom eyelash packaging boxes with window

Add accessories to the eyelash box

If your design is similar to others, how can you win? Add some small ideas, such as ribbons, corner guards, and mirrors.

eyelash packaging box custom★wholesale custom eyelash packaging box with Ribbon

Of course, the matching elements of the Eyelash Case With Mirror should not be too many, you can choose one or two accessories for your box to add luster.

Matching between box elements

The last but most important point is the combination of the elements of the eyelash box. Some simple elements can instantly become fashionable with an ordinary eyelash box, such as the quicksand eyelash box (follow the website, there will be a special blog to introduce this box for you). The contrast of light and dark colors of a box can help you have a unique eyelash box.

Today’s sharing ends here, if it is useful to you, please bookmark the website, there will be more knowledge about the Eyelash Business Packaging Ideas to share with you.

If you want to customize the eyelash box, please contact Chloe.

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What is the Mink Eyelashes Brand?

What is an eyelashes brand?

Do you want to create your own Eyelashes Brand? The Largest High-quality Eyelash Factory in China can help you. But do you know what an eyelash brand is? In fact, the essence of a brand is a product, no joke.

The product includes four levels.

Core product-what is the product?

The core product of the eyelash brand is eyelash.

Physical product-what kind of product?

For example: our brand makes High quality Luxury Mink Lashes.

Extension product-what kind of eyelashes?

The extended product lies in the category of 3d mink strip eyelashes. For example Our brand makes high-quality Handmade Eyelashes, including Mink Lashes and Synthetic Lashes. At the same time, eyelashes have different lengths, from 11mm-40mm.

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Psychological product-why are your brand eyelashes good?

Psychological products are not just eyelashes. The most important thing to know when creating an eyelash brand is to understand the value behind the product. Why good? With so many eyelashes in the market, why consumers choose you in the end?

You can analyze the GUCCILASHES brand: The advantage of our brand eyelash lies in its quality and style. All styles are original designs, keeping up with fashion trends. Design is the soul of the product, and other suppliers cannot imitate it. And our quality is the best in China. Choosing Guccilashes eyelashes is not only beautiful, but comfort is also important.

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Team
3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Team

This is the product and value we can bring to consumers. When you know where your eyelash is superior, you will understand the positioning of the eyelash brand, which can help you take the next step faster and target the market!

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Misunderstanding: Soak eyelashes in makeup remover for a long time

Misunderstanding: Soak eyelashes in makeup remover for a long time

High-quality Mink Eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times. But this requires proper care. A customer asked me: My eyelashes cannot be reused, they are damaged once, am I buying low-quality eyelashes? In fact, it is not, it is possible that the truth is that the eyelashes are not treated properly. Avoid the misunderstanding that the eyelashes are soaked in the makeup remover for a long time. After all, you have spent money to buy high-quality mink eyelashes. Repeated use will be more cost-effective.

Why can’t false eyelashes be soaked in makeup remover for a long time?

False eyelashes are the mink hair placed on the eyelash stalk and fixed with glue. When the false eyelashes are soaked in makeup remover for a long time, the glue of the eyelash stems will dissolve and the eyelashes will fall off. Is that because of bad eyelashes? In fact, this does not prove the quality of eyelashes. Because no matter how good the quality of the glue is, repeat the above behavior, and the eyelashes will fall off.

How to remove eyelashes?

1: Apply the special remover for false eyelashes to the roots of the eyelashes, and you can quickly remove them directly. The glue remaining on the false eyelashes can be wiped off with a cotton swab or moistened with water. This is the easiest method, and it does not harm false eyelashes.

2: Pour the make-up remover on the make-up remover and apply it to the eyes for 20~30 seconds… Wait for the false eyelashes to fall off naturally. Then wipe off the glue remaining on the eyelids with a cotton swab or a make-up remover. If you use super sticky For glue, please use a special removal liquid.

How to clean the glue on the eyelashes correctly?

Wash the eyelashes in clean water, or use a cotton swab to scrub the residue on the eyelash stems.

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How soon can I receive the Wholesale Sample Lashes after placing the order?

How soon can I receive the Wholesale Sample Lashes after placing the order?

It is very important to find an excellent supplier of mink eyelashes. It is also important to know who can wholesale mink fur. But as a professional whip wholesaler, when should you receive the Wholesale Sample Lashes, because after all, you have already spent money!

For Wholesale Sample Lashes

Generally speaking, if you only buy our mink eyelash samples, we will pack the goods and arrange for them to be delivered to you within 24 hours after you place the order. It takes 3 working days to arrive at the earliest, and it may take 5-7 working days under special circumstances. As the best 3D mink fur supplier, our advantage is that we can deliver orders to customers as quickly as possible and ensure timely!

Eyelashes sample Wholesale

For the purchase time during the Spring Festival, please click on this blog

For lashes with Eyelash Packaging Box

If you purchase Custom Eyelash Packaging Box together with the eyelash packaging box, we will arrange for the designer to design the desired logo for you immediately after completing the payment, and let you check it on the Private Label Lash Boxes for custom eyelashes. When you agree to the design, we will immediately arrange your order production. The general production time is 5-18 working days.

Our packaging is very sturdy and usually will not be damaged or damaged during transportation except for severe collisions. If any damage occurs during the processing and causes a certain degree of damage, you can contact our employees, we will contact our after-sales legal department and provide you with the best solution!

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How to arrange to purchase lashes from china during the Spring Festival

How to arrange the plan to purchase lashes from china during the Spring Festival

Guccilashes, the Largest High-quality Eyelashes Supplier in China, reminds you to arrange a reasonable purchase Lashes From China plan during the Spring Festival. Avoid the inconvenience caused by the Spring Festival holiday to your eyelash business. The Spring Festival holiday in 2021 will be from 2.9 to 2.18. During this period, express delivery will be suspended, only orders will be accepted, and shipments will be arranged after 2.19.

How to purchase Bulk Buy Eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Boxes during the Spring Festival?

Eyelashes-shipped within the first 24 hours, orders during holidays will be shipped after the year

In order to ensure the supply and fast delivery of Wholesale Bulk Eyelashes for customers, as an Eyelash Factory, we have a large stock of eyelashes at any time. Because most of the styles will be stocked in advance so that they can be shipped at any time, so eyelash orders before 2.9 can be purchased.

(If you are not sure whether your eyelashes can be shipped within 24 hours, you can contact the staff Chloe:+8617561687025 to check)

For Mink Top and Bottom Lashes orders from 2.9 to 2.18, starting from 2.18, the order will be shipped one by one.

Customized eyelash box-production will start after the holiday

The Customized eyelash Packaging ordered from No. 1.17 will be produced after the holiday.

The production cycle of custom boxes is about 18 days. Hesitantly, some factories of the boxes closed early, and the orders for boxes increased sharply, and the production cycle of boxes was extended to 30-45 days. Custom eyelash boxes ordered from No. 1.17 will be arranged after the holiday.

So, should I order an Eyelash Packaging Box after the holiday?

Before the holiday. why? Because the orders for boxes after the year are arranged one by one in the order in which the boxes are placed, orders placed before the year can give priority to production after the holiday.

The above is about the purchase and production of Lash Box Packaging orders and customized eyelash boxes during the Spring Festival. Arrange the eyelash purchase plan reasonably, if you have any other questions, you can contact our customer service staff, Chloe.

Finally, I wish all girls better and better, beautiful and successful! happy New Year!

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About How To Purchase Blog:
Why is choosing a good Eyelashes Manufacturer important?

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Why is choosing a good Eyelashes Manufacturer important?

Why is choosing a good Eyelashes Manufacturer important?

In today’s society, competition among enterprises has gradually transformed into a competition among enterprise supply chains. And eyelash suppliers are the lion’s head of the entire eyelash supply chain. Eyelashes Manufacturer affect the success of downstream manufacturers in terms.

One. The quality of the product provided by the Eyelashes Manufacturer is the quality of the final consumer product

The quality of eyelashes provided by Eyelashes Manufacturer affects the market competitiveness, market share, and market viability of the final product, as well as the core competitiveness of each component of the supply chain. Suppliers belong to an open system of the supply chain. So the choice of suppliers will also be affected by various economic, political, and other factors. The most important quality is the survival of the supply chain. The use-value of products is based on product quality, which determines the quality of final consumer products.

Second, cost performance

The low price means that the company can reduce the cost of its production and operation, and it has an obvious effect on the company’s competitiveness and increase in profits. It is an important factor in choosing a supplier. However, the supplier with the lowest price is not necessarily the most suitable, and many factors such as product quality, delivery time, and transportation costs need to be considered.

The third point is the punctuality factor of delivery

Whether large quantities of eyelash orders can be delivered on time at the agreed time and place will directly affect the continuity of the company’s production and supply activities. It will also affect the inventory level of the supply chain at all levels, and then affect the company’s response speed to the market, interrupting the production plan of the manufacturer and the sales plan of the seller.

Fourth species flexibility factor

In order to survive and develop in fierce competition, the products must be diversified to meet the needs of consumers and achieve the purpose of occupying the market and obtaining profits. The diversification of products is based on the flexibility of the supplier’s variety, which determines the types of consumer products.

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What’s the Luxury eyelashes Wholesale Price?

How To Start Eyelashes Business in different countries?

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Top 3 Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendor in the market

Top 3 Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendor in the market

GucciLashes is one of the Best Mink Strip Lashes Vendor in the market, our Luxury Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale is very popular in the market, such as you publish 25MM 3D Mink Lashes and the long dramatic lashes are very hot in the market.

Mink False Eyelashes are the Best Single Mink Eyelashes on the market. It is made of real mink skin and is much more expensive than silk or plastic eyelashes.

First, the top three Best Mink Strip Eyelashes Vendor

You may find too many Eyelash Suppliers in the market, but you don’t know how to choose and which style to order. Today, we will provide the three Best mink eyelashes Suppliers. They provide the most at competitive wholesale prices. Fine Mink Eyelashes. If you want to know more about eyelash suppliers, you can add whatsapp8617561687025 for information.

Second, why are mink with eyelashes so popular in the market?

The first easy to apply.
Most girls can apply eyelashes by themselves, quickly and easily.

The second saves time.
Some girls don’t have much time to go to the beauty salon, spend at least an hour. Time is money, they can’t spend too much time doing eyelash extensions.

The second saves time.
Some girls don’t have much time to go to the beauty salon, spend at least an hour. Time is money, they can’t spend too much time doing eyelash extensions.

The fourth cheapest price, but the best eyelashes.

As you know, if you want eyelash extensions, you have to go to a beauty salon, which will require too much money for eyelash extensions. And you don’t use real mink fur because it is difficult to apply.

However, if you use mink fur false eyelashes, you can buy real mink fur at a cheap price.

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Stick to yourself, keep the Mink Eyelashes Wholesale standard

Never lower your standards, whether you ask yourself or Mink Eyelashes Wholesale, Vegan Eyelashes. Because ancient times said:
If your standard is “best”, you will get “better”
If your standard is “better”, you will get “good”
If your criterion is “so”, you will get “bad”.

Vegan mink eyelashes_Mink Eyelashes Wholesale_reliable mink eyelashes supplier

If you have higher and clear expectations, congratulations! You will automatically try to find a way and go all out to achieve your goals.

On the contrary, if you lower the standard, the next time performance is likely to drop to these expected values.

Just like the strict requirements for vegan eyelashes, the highest requirements are always required to achieve better results.

We know that we cannot get everything, we cannot make cakes and eat.

For example, in order to obtain profit, whether it is good 3d Lashes Wholesale or bad eyelashes, whether skilled workers or bad workers, what we can do depends only on profit.

If we want everything, we will lose everything.

Therefore, we focus on providing high-quality Mink Eyelashes Wholesale and Super Vegan Eyelashes at competitive prices.

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You are unique, join us for common development!

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Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes concept

Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes concept

Green environmental protection is the theme of the new era. At the same time, environmental protection is not only a cool way of life but also a fashion trend. Environmentally friendly clothing themes can be seen in various shows. In the face of Beautiful Eyelashes, environmental protection has gradually become a popular demand in the market. What are the Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes?

Reusable and degradable.

Reusable high-quality Eyelashes

Throw away the disposable eyelashes when you run out. For daily necessities such as High Quality Eyelashes Minks, not only is more money wasted, it is actually not environmentally friendly to the environment.

On the contrary, reusable high-quality Invisible Strip Lashes can be stored after use. Because of the special styling technology, the eyelashes are comfortable and not deformed after repeated use. They can be reused 25-30 times, saving a lot of money. The environment also reduces losses.

Biodegradable Eyelashes Tray

While having a pair of eyelashes, eyelashes are also essential. In order to implement the concept of environmental protection, eyelashes are also environmentally friendly eyelashes. This new type of eyelash holder is a degradable material, so there is no need to worry about causing a burden on the environment if accidentally damaged. On the premise of ensuring environmental protection elements, the eyelash holder has fine lines and has a texture to the touch, which is very suitable for high-quality eyelashes.

Eco-friendly Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes Box

In the environmental protection series, Guccilashes launched several environmentally friendly eyelash magnet cases. Marble sunset pattern, green water ripple, mermaid pattern.

Eyelashes Box–Marble sunset pattern
Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes Box
Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes Box–green water ripple
Green Environmental Protection Eyelashes Box
Eyelashes Box–mermaid pattern

Does your Privet Label Lashes shop have eco-friendly collections? Come and collect this environmentally friendly element!!
Environmental protection.

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