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Octagon acrylic eyelash box wholesale

We have many shapes of acrylic eyelash boxes, today’s recommendation is an octagon acrylic eyelash box.

This octagonal acrylic eyelash box is designed with a window opening, which makes it easy to check the eyelash style and print the eyelash logo private label.

There are many different colors of background paper for you to choose from. You can also choose background glitter paper for decoration to make it more special and unique.

Please feel free to contact us for your own carefully designed octagonal eyelash case.

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Custom cheap cardboard boxes

We offer various types of paper eyelash packaging in different colors, sizes, patterns, textures, etc.

We have many types of cardboard eyelash boxes, including money eyelash boxes, butterfly eyelash boxes, Marbel eyelash boxes, holographic eyelash box, gradient paper eyelash box and so on.

You can flexibly customize the paper eyelash box you want, there are many different shapes of Windows for you to choose from, including regular rectangle, oval round, heart, butterfly, triangle, eyebrow, water drop, flower, logo cut, etc.

You can decide where to leave the shape on the paper eyelash box, left or right. Please let me know what shape of window you prefer when ordering.

Bespoke paper eyelash packs can be designed on a variety of surfaces, with the boxes featuring sequins and crescent-shaped perforated Windows. Offer a variety of colors for you. You can get this well-designed paper eyelash case to store your mink lashes.

Of course, you can buy empty paper mascara boxes for your own eyelash business. We support private label printing for your eyelash brand. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact 

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Custom Drawer-type Eyelash Case

This drawer-type eyelash case is not a magnetic eyelash case and looks like a drawer or locker.

We can print your personal label, eyelash logo, or the information you want on the drawer-type eyelash box surface.

Drawer-type eyelash box can keep your false eyelashes safe and clean, away from the bacteria in the air, both safe and protective.

We not only have vertical pull eyelash packaging but also have horizontal pull eyelash packaging, which can be customized according to your idea.

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10 Pairs of Acrylic Transparent Boxes Vendor

This is an acrylic transparent package of 10 pairs.

Acrylic eyelash boxes are made of transparent acrylic material, similar to plastic material.

Acrylic is a thermoplastic derived from natural glass. It is also known as polyacrylate.

So acrylic can be made into an eyelash packaging box, higher strength, convenient for you to store false eyelashes so that your eyelashes always keep safe and clean.

This eyelash packing box is completely transparent and can hold 10 pairs of eyelashes. Without opening the box, you can clearly see the style and length of your eyelashes. You can easily choose the eyelashes with suitable makeup according to your dress.

We also have other styles of eyelash storage boxes, welcome to know.

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Custom 16 pairs of eyelash samples

  • 16 pairs of eyelash samples
  • 16 pairs of eyelash samples
  • 16 pairs of eyelash samples

The book can hold 16 pairs of lashes and is made of snakeskin.

Eyelash books can be customized to include shiny surfaces, holographic designs, and many other different design arts.

You can also print personal labels or other text patterns you want.

This eyelash book helps you to store 16 different lashes, and you can always choose the lashes you like to wear.

Can also be used as eyelash samples to show to customers, customers can choose, very convenient,

You can determine how many pairs of false lashes you need, as well as any other eyelash application tools, feel free to contact us for a catalog.

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Six Pairs of Acrylic Eyelash Boxes

This is a high-end atmosphere more luxurious eyelash six sets.

The black exterior is printed with a golden personal LOGO, which makes it more atmospheric.

Although the box is made of acrylic, it has a magnet lid.

This box is suitable for storing collected eyelashes and can be used as an eyelash storage box; It can also be used as an eyelash gift box for friends.

If you like this six-pack acrylic eyelash box, contact us as soon as possible!

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three-story round eyelash boxes

This acrylic eyelash box is 3cm tall and can hold three pairs of lashes.

For short trips, you only need to carry this eyelash package, which is very convenient and easy to carry. We don’t need to wear different types of eyelashes as before, so we need to take up a lot of eyelash packaging to occupy the space of our bags.

This eyelash wrapper also comes with a small mirror to make your makeup look exquisite and beautiful at all times.

This eyelash wrapper has three layers, but it only weighs 0.65kg, so don’t worry about weight.

Of course, we also have the same type of acrylic eyelash round box, each has its own characteristics. There is always an eyelash package for you, please feel free to contact us.

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Square Acrylic Eyelash Box Wholesale

This square acrylic eyelash box is lightweight and compact, like a powder compact, and doesn’t take up space in your bag.

Inside the box is a small mirror, which makes it easier to remove eyelashes or apply makeup when you go out.

The square acrylic box can be filled with different colored cardboard boxes to highlight the eyelashes, making this eyelash packaging more eye-catching and dazzling.

A private label can be printed on the box package, and you can contact us if necessary.

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Custom mini hexagon eyelash box wholesale

There are many magnetic eyelash packaging, including rectangular magnetic eyelash packaging, square magnetic eyelash packaging, diamond magnetic eyelash packaging, triangle magnetic eyelash packaging, circular magnetic eyelash packaging, and hexagonal magnetic eyelash packaging.

Today’s hexagon eyelash box is unique, small in size, and light in weight, so it doesn’t take up much space in your bag.

We have a lot of paper materials, you can choose patterns and other designs.

We have professional designers who can design your personal logo and develop your own eyelash brand.

Please contact us as soon as possible to purchase eyelashes and eyelash packaging!

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Popular transparent stereo eyelash box

  • Transparent stereo eyelash box
  • Transparent stereo eyelash box

This is a transparent stereo acrylic eyelash box for you to store a pair of mink eyelashes.

The transparent stereo eyelash case is cute and can be printed with your personal label or eyelash logo.

This box is convenient for us to see the eyelashes clearly inside, you can choose your favorite round eyelash holder, available in a variety of colors.

We can also make circular eyelash logo stickers to stick on the eyelash tray.

For more details, please contact us now!