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Best selling false eyelashes 2019—Fluffy false eyelashes

Fluffy false eyelashesTop selling eyelashes in the market according to the Best wholesale mink lash vendors order

There’s a voice all over the Eyelashes in market right now: can you give me Best fluffy false eyelashes ? So what are Fluffy false eyelashes?

The eyelash of fleeciness design is more stereo. The biggest difference between Fluffy mink eyelashes and traditional Mink eyelashes is that each hair is in a divergent state and looks fluffy. Wearing feels more natural and lovely.

As society aesthetic viewpoint changes, people pursues natural beauty more. So more and more people choose Fluffy eyelash. The Fluffy individual lashes also will become market Best selling eyelashes.

However ortunately, Guccilashes anticipated this trend several years ago. With the rise of 2d mink lashes, designers sought a breakthrough. Discover that three-dimensional things are more stereoscopic. So they immediately thought of Mink lashes look and started researching 3d false eyelashes.

The 13-16mm 3d fashion eyelashes are already more fluffy than the 2D eyelashes. Look more three-dimensional, after wearing whether from the front, side or above, look like your eyelashes.True and natural.

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Compared with 3D, we have studied out Mink eyelashes with 4D effect — DL style. In length from the original 13-16mm to 18-20mm and can be added to the thickness of a layer!

After that, DB style was introduced, adding another layer on the basis of 25mm 3d mink eyelashes to make it more 5D and 6D!

Fluffy false eyelashes more and more popular, choosethe best mink lashes vendor, seize the market opportunity, success is you!


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