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Marketing support—Multi-Function Two-pair Eyelash Storage Box

Multi-Function Two-pair Eyelash Storage Box

What is marketing support? Marketing support is the slogan that your 3d Mink Lash Vendors gives you, as well as shields that face market changes. Today, Private Label Lash Suppliers Guccilashes will launch its first shield, the versatile two-pair Eyelash Storage Box.

The market is looking for new Wholesale Mink Lashes and Mink Eyelashes Cases. Because new things always bring business opportunities. When we have new products, which Guccilashes will share with you, this is the marketing support we give you.

This two-pair multi-function Eyelash Storage Box is a new Eyelash Case Box recently launched according to market demand. Can hold two pairs of 3d Mink Eyelashes, a pair of tweezers, a glue.
The biggest advantage is that it is very convenient to use. There is a mirror in the box that can be put directly into the mirror with tweezers and glue. Let you be beautiful anytime, anywhere.

The rose gold mirror on the outside of the box looks elegant and refined. Very consistent with current trends in today’s market.

Do you like it? Or if you want to custom your own Custom Eyelash Packaging, you can WhatsApp Me freely.

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Sharing diary-Be a responsible Private Label Lash Suppliers

Be a responsible Private Label Lash Suppliers

As a Private Label Lash Suppliers, every day will meet all kinds of problems. I have encountered a recent incident. I have a feeling of solving this problem and decided to write it down and share it with you.

Because there is a girl looking for 20-25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale, I have repeatedly confirmed her according to the length. However, after she received the 3D Mink Eyelashes, she said that she did not like this length to request a refund, in order to refund or even say the quality is problematic. But when I asked her where there was a problem, and she couldn’t say it.

My feeling about this is that everyone is responsible for their actions. This is not only myself but also every Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor. Responsibility is responsible for your own words, the order, more importantly, responsible for the customer. In the era of e-commerce, trust is difficult to establish. I hope that all buyers or Private Label Lash Suppliers can work together to bring mutual trust and bring trust to customers.

Starting from doing Eyelash Business, it is not a small child. Every successful person is mature and stable. I hope to see the success of every customer and hope to create a safe and trusting environment for customers in the era of e-commerce.

Please feel free to communicate the latest problems below, or Whatsapp Me.

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Custom FAQ—About Custom Eyelash Cases

About Custom Eyelash Cases

Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors Guccilashes provide you the special service—Custom Eyelash Cases. And provide you some FAQ to refer to.

1. Can you provide Custom Eyelash Cases?

Of course, this is one of the special services Guccilashes offers you. For the Custom Eyelash Packaging, what do you want? If you haven’t thought about it yet, you can click here to see more, maybe you can give some reference.

2. How to make Custom Lash Case?

You need to tell me the shape, color, and your requirements, then let’s discuss the details.

3. What is the price of a Private Label Eyelash Packaging?

The price of the Wholesale Eyelash Case is related to his material and the craftsmanship. So what do you want? You can practice my WHATSAPP, let’s discuss the details of the box first.

4. How long does the box need to be?

After the payment confirms the order, we will arrange the factory to arrange the order immediately. Generally, it takes 13-18 days of the production cycle and it may be faster. However, in order to ensure better quality, Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors do not recommend or accept reminders. Of course, these customers understand and thank you for your understanding.

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Custom FAQ—More about Official Mink Lashes

More about Official Mink Lashes

Official Mink Lashes is more and more popular, but do you know which Official Mink Lashes? Now, 3D Mink Lashes Vendors Guccilashes will show you the answer from the material.

35. Is your eyelashes really watery?

Sure our eyelash material is 100% Siberian Mink Lashes. Because it is really a hairy hair, it looks more natural.

36. Is your lashes No cruel?

Of course, it is no cruel, and it is everyone’s responsibility to care for animals. Our High Quality Mink Lashes are designed to show the beauty of animals, not to hurt. And on this, there is an affecting love story behind it. Click here to learn more <<<.

37. How do you collect eyelash materials?

We will send special personnel to take care of the mink and gently groom their hair regularly. Then we collect this naturally shed hair and collect High Quality Mink Lashes from it.

38. Can you provide some eyelash details?

Our eyelashes are made from very soft cotton stalks and high quality water bristles. The details will help you get to know them faster with a picture.

Analysis of eyelash characteristics

39. How do you care about the quality of eyelashes, how to maintain and store them?

Because we only make high-quality eyelashes, the full curl of the eyelashes is the physical process, you can use it properly and protect it. The specific way to protect click here to see more<<<

Today’s eyelash knowledge is updated to this. If you have any questions, please feel free to Whstapp me.

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Cooperation and Development—Choose Eyelashes And Custom Eyelash Cases

Choose Eyelashes And Custom Eyelash Cases

If you just begin lashes business, do you know how to Choose Lashes?Or do you have the question for the Custom Eyelash Cases? Now, Guccilashes will give you the answer.

1. I don’t know how to Choose Eyelashes to start my eyelashes. Can you help me?

Of course. Every day, we also meet many customers who have just started the eyelash business. They’re very confused at first and don’t know how to do it, but it doesn’t matter, we will help you with our eyelash experience for over ten years. I believe that you can do as well as they do.

In order to facilitate you and save your time, we have compiled The Best/Hot Selling Mink Eyelashes catalog of hot sales in the market, please refer to.

2. For the first time, how can I believe that your eyelashes can bring me business?

It depends on you, I believe it is a word of conviction, we must trust each other to work together. The guarantee that we can give you here is more than ten years of market feedback. All Mink Lashes sell quantity is the most real market feedback.

3. Because I just begin my Eyelash Business, can you offer discounts?

Just because started, I advise you not to care more the budget, because successful businessmen understand that the market and commodities are the most important, and what you pay will be replaced by a value and a harvest.

4.This is my logo, the color I chose, I want to order a marble patterned box, Let me know if it’s possible for you.

Of course, where do you want the logo to be? Does this color include the inner box? what is the size of the box?

Eyelash Packaging

I need more accurate details to make sure we can make the box you want, hope to understand. It doesn’t matter if we can communicate slowly, please contact me. Whatsapp ME, please.

5. Can I customize a box sample?

Generally, we don’t t recommend you to make samples, because you need to open the plate fee—$100, I think this is not cost-effective for you. If you are worried about the style of the box, we will make a reference to the rendering of the box after you pay, and then confirm it before production. Of course, it is okay if you still want a box sample, up to you.

6. Which step did the box order take?

I have been following the order of this box, please rest assured, I will tell you any new progress.

If this blog helps you? Leave your comment, we will look at it and help you answer.

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Cooperation and Development—Best Selling Mink Eyelash

Best Selling Mink Eyelash 

1. Can I see your Mink Lashes?

Of course. Our Mink Eyelashes are designed by ourselves. There are thousands of styles in total. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of Best Selling Mink Eyelash styles, please refer. Or you can tell me your favorite eyelash style, I will recommend it to you according to your liking.

2. I want to buy this eyelash, do you have it?

Can you send a clear positive picture to the reference for a look? If we have, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. If not, that’s also doesn’t matter, we can Custom Eyelashes. This is Guccilashes’ special service for beautiful you.

3. If I Custom Eyelashes, can you do the samecustom-length false eyelashes as the photos I gave you?

We can guarantee that the length and style of the custom eyelashes are 95% similar to your eyelashes. You know that our eyelashes are all handmade, pouring the attention of every worker, so please understand the subtle error.

4. How can you make sure that you make exactly what I want on the box

I think this problem can be solved through good communication. You need to tell us the exact and detailed requirements. In order to ensure accuracy and give you a sense of security, our designers will make a rendering for your reference after payment, and will not produce until confirmed. So you can rest assured about this issue.

5. Faux looks so real, If I sell it as the mink lashes, will it be marketed?

The FAUX eyelashes born, there must be a market. But if you want to sell it as a mink, I don’t agree. There is an old saying in China: If you can’t fake it, you can’t really fake it. This is not conducive to the long-term development of your Eyelash Business, and it is also a kind of deception to consumers. If you are interested in Mink Lashes, the mink market is so hot, why not really try?

Please keep an eye out, there will be more knowledge, you will find the answer here. If you have any question, please Whatapp Me.

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Custom FAQ— Faux Mink Lashes Knowledge

 Faux Mink Lashes Knowledge

We have sorted out related blogs before, according to some people’s feedback, according to their questions, we have the following FAQ of Faux Mink Lashes, please refer to.

27. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Eyelash Extensions and Mink Eyelashes? 

Mink Eyelashes is easy to wear on the hair, and you can update the style as you like with the change of makeup style.
Eyelash Extensions takes time and needs to be completed in a beauty salon. The style is single and the style cannot be changed. On the third day, as the eyelashes naturally fall off, the Mink Eyelash Extensions began to fall off and became asymmetrical to the left and right eyes, seriously affecting the appearance.
Mink Eyelash Extensions are applied to each eyelash by each eyelash. It is easy to damage your eyelashes, which is not conducive to the growth of your own eyelashes or to make the eyelashes long and very serious.

28. There are many Private Label Lash Suppliers recommending magnet-type false eyelashes to me. What do you think of this product?

The magnet eyelashes are made to solve the problem of quick and easy wearing of False Eyelashes. It is a small magnet placed between the two layers of Crazy Fake Eyelashes on the eyelashes. We have tested it, and it is very uncomfortable. The degree of integration is not strong. A small magnet in the middle increases the weight of the eyelashes, which is very uncomfortable and also damages your own eyelashes. It is not recommended.

29. The eyelashes are very expensive. Are you sure that it can be used 20 times repeatedly? How can I trust you?

It can be used more than 20 times. Follow the instructions, carefully take it, and save it is no problem. We needn’t lie to you, we want to do long-term business, not a one-time business. We regard the quality of our products as a life!

30. Will it be natural to bring it with foreign body? 

It is natural to bring it, and our High Quality Mink Lashes are thin and soft. It will not be the same as the belt, but it is very comfortable zero burdens.

31. I am doing stage supplies for rent. I know that there are also various colors of eyelashes, shaped eyelashes, feathers and sequined eyelashes. Can you do it?

We are the most professional hair lashes supplier, we also have a stable supply chain service for eyelash peripheral products. It can be done. These are special times, special uses need to be booked in advance

32. What if the fake eyelashes are long?

We have a very detailed shopping guide and choose eyelashes for your temperament, occasion, eye shape, try not to buy the wrong.
If the eyelashes are long, you can send them back.
The best solution is to cut the eyelashes into segments and separate them so that they don’t look so long.

33. Can the style of the eyelashes be customized?

False Eyelash styles can be customized, and everyone has no one’s personality, and customization is becoming more and more popular. What do you want? you can contact us freely.

34.What is the difference between transparent line eyelashes and black eyeliner?

The comfort of the transparent stem and the black eyeliner varies according to the individual’s feelings. I personally think that the black stem is more comfortable, the black is the cotton stem, and it is easier to inhale the glue so that the eyelashes are more firmly bonded.
The transparent stem is a fish thread that is not very easy to inhale.
From the perspective of the eyeliner, the color of the transparent stalk eyeliner is more flexible.
Black is best with black eyeliner.

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Cooperation and Development—Why do the Eyelash Business with us

The FAQ of why do the Eyelash Business with us

Many people are hesitant to enter the Eyelash Business, how can I choose?
We will give you some help from an objective point of view.

5. I saw a lot of people  doing Eyelash Business. Is the Lashes Market already saturated, can I still enter?

The demand for the market has been constantly expanding. Whether you can enter or not depends on whether you are determined to do something. The Bible speaks of faith and can defeat everything.
As long as you find a reliable Mink Lashes Supplier, you can work together with you to develop. To think about which you can solve, regardless of market saturation and unsaturated, you have a place. Is it?

6. I already have an Private Label Lash Suppliers. We have been working together for many years. How are you better than him?

Every Private Label Lash Wholesale Suppliers has its own characteristics, I think we do our best in the industry. It should be good for our boutique team. Excellent workers, excellent designers, excellent market service personnel, excellent logistics service personnel, we are doing our best, doing it with wisdom, let everyone’s eyes express a unique soul. This is another supplier that never does it.

7. How is your output? What big brands are available for brand? 

Our 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale Factory was established in 2011 and has trained nearly 100 outstanding workers. We strive for excellence in the requirements of the workers. Every worker is carefully selected. They love hand-made, patient, and beautiful. In order to keep the 3d Mink Eyelashes moving, our Private Label Mink Eyelashes are handmade, with a monthly output of 30,000, 0 pairs. High Quality Mink Lashes are available in sufficient quantities.

The bristles of bristles have sprouted since 2011, and now LILLY LASHES, VELOUR, ESQIDO LASHES, HUDA LASHES, BJ LASHES, TURQUOISE LASHES, RMOOSH LASHES …

All cooperation with us and get the valuable market opportunities of the market and get rapid development.

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Cooperation and Development—About Custom Eyelashes Price

About Custom Eyelashes Price

Guccilashes thinks what you think, many customers are most concerned about Custom Eyelashes quality followed by price. We have compiled a few common questions about Custom Eyelashes prices and hope to help you.

1. I want to see first, can I get a free Lashes Sample?

—Each of our Lashes Sample is a boutique and valuable. We don’t have free samples. If you are interested and satisfied with our website, please forward our website, we can send a pair for free, you only need to pay the freight.

2. I want to add this Crazy Fake Eyelashes as a gift in my cosmetic set. I need to control the cost. How much can you give me?

—Dear, We are specializing in high quality mink lashes. I am afraid that kind of mink lashes are not suitable to be sold as gift. Well ,I think it is Based on your market strategy. If you think good, That is ok.

You can tell me what’s your request and what are you trying to achieve? What’s your budget? We are all availble to help you .

3.  If I buy more, will there be a discount?

—The Wholesale Mink Lashes are handmade, no matter what is the quantity you ordered, For the high quality mink lashes , The Workers’ll have to be placed one by one, In fact the price and quantity do not have a big relationship.

We do not give workers discounts, workers will not compromise the quality, our market will not be discounted.

Of course, we will reward you for trying to sell our 3d Mink Eyelashes. This is what we are supposed to do. The higher your sales ability, the more you will get. For more details, Pls contact me directly.

4. This has $800! I have some funds that I can’t turn around recently. Can I pay in installments?

—At present, we do not support installment payments. We will continue to improve the services in this area, and we will notify you as soon as possible. Keep in touch, you can WHATSAPP ME.

Did this blog solve your question about price?

If you have any other questions, please leave a message and there will be a dedicated professional to answer your questions.

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Custom FAQ—Custom Lash Brand need know

Custom FAQ—Custom Lash Brand need to know

If you want to Custom Lash Brand, you need to know the answer.

23. I want eyelashes of other colors. Is it possible?

Eyelashes can be of other colors, such as Brown Eyelashes, Blue Eyelashes, and Black Eyelashes, all of which can be made.

However, these eyelashes are not the daily style and the sales volume is not very big. If you have any special needs, please let us know.
And this is just the Special service that Best 3d Mink Lash Vendors Guccialshes provide for you.

24. Which countries are eyelashes mainly sold to?

Our eyelashes are sold all over the world, starting from Canada, mink eyelashes are gradually sold to the United States, the Middle East, Mexico, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

25. Where to buy mink lashes in bulk?How to buy mink lashes wholesale?

We are a Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor with our own factory. There are various styles, classic style, 3D style, 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale style, Festival Mink Lashes style, etc. Join the link, which styles do you like? Leave me a message or WhatsApp .

How To Order Samples?

STEP 1: Choose the style you like

STEP 2:Contact us and Leave quantity of each style

STEP 3: Pay for the sample order and keep us posted after payment to avoid any delay for delivery.

STEP 4: Leave the receiving address including the contact person and contact TEL No.s

STEP 5: Our packing department will recheck the quality and quantity, and ship out used the express company we confirmed.

STEP 6: A tracking order will keep you posted once finished. Keep an eye on it, please. Never ask the express company to put the goods outside to avoid missing.

26. I want to teach my clients to choose eyelashes. Do you have any good suggestions?

Choose eyelashes from several angles: according to personal temperament, according to eye type, participation occasions.

Temperament selection:

Intellectual elegance chooses our Natural Mink Lashes, click here <<<

Gracefully choose our 3D Mink Lashes, click here<<<

Avant-garde fashion chooses our 25MM Big Eyelashes, click to know more<<<

Be bold and choose our Double Mink Lashes, click here to know more<<<

Eye type selection:

Deep eye socket selection—16MM to 25MM

Shallow eye socket selection—13MM to 25MM

Almond eye、Fox eye、Staring eye is suitable for selecting a style that is longer and longer from the inside out, and lengthens the end of the eye to form a cat’s eye.

Tony Hogqvist Water Hyacinth, Sleeping phoenix eye and Willow’s eye is suitable for 3D style, semi-circular eyelashes make the eyes bigger.

Occasion selection:

Star Red Carpet: 20-25MM Big Eyelashes, Good Stage!
Festive party: 16-20mm big eyelashes focus on the audience!
Daily work: 13-16MM big eyelashes, smart and natural!

Of course, love is the best choice!

If you have any other questions, please contact me directly.