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Why Sample Pack quickly get Lashes business after the resumption of work

The resumption of work is coming soon. Have you decided what gift to give yourself? The best is a nice Mink Eyelash Strips Business! How do you do it quickly? Guccilashes suggestion is Sample Pack.

Why Guccilashes do the Sample Lashes Packaging? This is a good guide for the just begin lashes business people. When you have a limited budget and don’t know how to choose eyelashes, will this package save you a lot of time.

And another important reason is that it can open the market quickly. The custom box production time is 13-18 days, if you want to get a nice Mink Eyelash Strips Business, the easy packaging is the best choice.

$88.9 SAMPLE Mink Lashes PACKES–10 PAIRS

There are 3 different Natural 3D Mink Lashes style for your choice.
Free choice of 2, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10pairs

$99.9 SAMPLE Mink Lashes PACKES–10 PAIRS

There are 3 different 25mm 3D Mink Lashes style for your choice.
Free choice of 2, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10 pairs


There are 3 different Vegetarian Eyelash style for your choice.
Free choice of 2, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10 pairs

All the Lashes Sample Pack is free shipping!!

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Suitcase Eyelash Case—Find Your Own Beauty In Lashes County

There are a lot of people who quit naked in 2019. Why not choose to travel instead of working? The reason is simple: the world is so big, I want to see it. Many people lose themselves in the repetitive work, wake up to want to see the poem and the distance. To find the real beauty. This is the inspiration for this Suitcase Eyelash Case.

There are all kinds of eyelashes on the market now, because of too many styles. A lot of people picked the eye. Some people cannot find the eyelash that suits oneself, also lost oneself beauty. 

Suitcase Eyelash Case
Suitcase Eyelash Case

This Suitcase Eyelash Case looks like a normal travel case, with handles and pulleys. You can put two pairs of eyelashes inside. This gets rid of your lashes when you’re out and about. With this eyelash box, you can choose two completely different styles to replace. The point is that the box is attractive to take out.

Guccilashes wants you to pull up your suitcase, take a good look at the world and find your own beauty!

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Want to customize your own eyelash box? This suitcase will not only allow you to find yourself, but also create your own eyelash brand.
How to do it?

Step 1: Choose the Suitcase Box you like
Step 2: Leave your LOGO or brand name
Step 3: State your specific requirements, such as logo or font color design

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Goddess development plan– Personalized Eyelashes

Goddess development plan — customize your beauty By Personalized Eyelashes


During the holiday season, every girl will have a goddess dream. So, how are you going to spend such a long time at home? Is it at home to eat snacks, watch American dramas, grow fat, or wear a lace dress and pass by him? Guccilashes starts your “Goddess Development Plan” by Personalized Eyelashes!

Eye Makeover Project-7 seconds to lock in romance

There is a famous 7-second charm law in the Japanese marketing industry, that is, in the process of human interaction, the first impression is determined within 7 seconds. Subsequent interactions are only subconsciously constantly verifying and deepening this impression. People rely on facial features Feelings are also felt because of the five words.

Research has proved that eyes play a very important role in a person’s facial features. Beautiful eyes can always catch your eyeballs in one second. Good-looking eyes will instantly change a person’s temperament and facial features. Having beautiful eyes quickly attracts others and locks in love after the holiday.

Guccilashes’ first step in creating a goddess program-elegance

13-16MM Eyelashes are natural and generous, curly and fluffy. Wholesale 3D 16mm 20mm Mink Lashes bringing your eyes on makes your glasses brighter and more touching.

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Guccialshes’ second step to create a goddess-sexy

25mm Big Eyelashes instantly magnify your eyes, bright and sexy. No matter what kind of girl you are, 25mm Eyelashes can make you feel different!

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You can build yourself according to your temperament. At the end of this holiday, you are the most beautiful person on the street.

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Hot Selling Lashes are very important for lashes beginner

Hot Selling Lashes are very important for lashes beginner

At the end of the epidemic, there will be retaliatory consumption. A very large number of people turned to the eyelash industry. But many do not know how to create their own eyelash brand. Many people ask “How do I Start My Own Eyelash Brand“, Guccilashes gives you a few suggestions from Hot Selling Lashes.

About customized boxes:

If you are just starting out, having your own Eyelashes Package Box is a great idea. As long as you have enough funds, then you can make 50-100 Custom Eyelash Case as the starting payment. Of course, what if your start-up capital is not enough?

Guccilashes advice to you is to make LOGO stickers. Sticking on the eyelashes will also have a very good effect.

About Hot Sell Lashes:

The most important thing is about Eyelash Private Label. Products are the most critical step in your eyelash business. High quality eyelashes are the only choice. There are hundreds of Mink Eyelash Strips styles, how to choose eyelash styles? Guccilashes advice to you is hot eyelashes. why? As a person who has just started, the eyelashes kingdom is just a little white. How to make money without knowing anything? At that time, it was closely following the fashion trend and the popular styles in the market, you can certainly sell them.

Why choose Hot Selling Lashes, because hot that will bring you income. This is the reason.

Do you know Which is Popular Mink Lashes style? Click to browse more. Or contact us for a vital hot sale catalog!

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Test comfort reason of High-quality Eyelashes Band

Reasons for testing the comfort of High-quality Eyelashes Band compare with cheap lashes

Many people say that they are High-quality Eyelash Suppliers. Why do they say that their Mink Lashes Wholesale are high-quality eyelashes no matter which price? How is high-quality eyelashes better than normal eyelashes? It is a sense of experience. High-quality Eyelashes Band give customers a more comfortable experience.

 So why are high-quality Wholesale Mink Eyelash more comfortable? The reason is the eyelash band. The High-quality Eyelashes Band are very soft cotton threads. After a special process, the cotton threads are softer. Moreover, after the two fixing wires were applied, even if they were removed, they did not lose hair, and the eyelash stems remained unchanged.

As the user, how to distinguish those high-quality eyelashes and Cheap Mink Lashes? Next we will do an experiment. Test the difference between real high-quality eyelashes and Cheap Eyelash. (Attach the video as a reference)

 First, you can try to rub your eyelashes first. Let go and observe the shape of the eyelashes, whether they will deform or lose hair. High-quality eyelashes will not deform or lose hair.

  Secondly, you can rub the eyelash stalks to feel the hardness. This is very important and directly determines the comfort of the eyelash belt on the eyes. High-quality eyelashes are softer and smooth when rubbed, and will quickly return to their original shape.

 The last point is also the most secret. Many people do not know how to test true high-quality eyelashes. Today this hidden knowledge Guccilashes can tell you. Each pair of lashes has two fixing lines on the lashes. One up and one down, find it and remove it. Then gently pull the eyelash band, the high-quality eyelash band is soft and elastic, can stretch very long without breaking. Cheap High Quality Lashes will break and lose hair.

Now, have you learned it?

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Why does Original Eyelashes vendor Guccilashes always bring freshness?

Why does Original Eyelashes vendor Guccilashes always bring freshness?

Original eyelashes is valued more and more. The market has always been constantly changing, especially in the Cosmetics industry. New Makeup and new aesthetic views are direct factors that are likely to cause market shocks. So the Original Design Lashes is valued more and more.

Because of these factors, Faux Mink Eyelashes are easily eliminated by market. So how to keep your Eyelash Private Label in the Ever-changing market has always been concerned?

The answer is to stay Fresh! Adhere to Originality, always give
consumers surprise, keep consumers’attention to the product. So the lashes style will remain in the market all the time.

Followers who are not trend-oriented, only fashion leaders!

In the highly competitive high-end market, Cuccilashes is getting better and better. Because it can bring customers a fresh sense of Freshness. Therefore, Cuccilashes has over hundreds of lashes style.

According to the market preferences, Cuccilashes designers design eyelash styles. At the same time, he considers eye type . The definition for lashes not only a beauty tool, but also a way to express themselves .

If you are looking for Lash supplier, first he must provide a stable source of quality. Second, he has the ability to regularly push new products. The second one will help you capture the eyelash market for a long time .

Therefore, original Design own lashes is very important. Every Original eyelashes has its own soul, thought and concept. Others can imitate the style , but can never imitate its philosophy.

We want to lead customers to be fashion leaders, not market followers. Every consumer is a fashion star.

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INS: canneslashes_chloe


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Mother day gifts 2020 — Charming Big Eyelashes

Mother day gifts 2020 — Charming Big Eyelashes

Have you been thinking aloud “What does Mom want this Mothers Day?” As everyone knows, motherhood is never easy. Since she has probably been there your entire life-maybe it’s time to do something special for mom. Getting a mothers day present from Guccilashes is one way make mom’s day. Charming Big Eyelashes will definitely be a nice surprise.

While traditionally shopping trips, vacations, spas and money are always an option, other fun ways to spend the day also exist.

At such a special time now, going out to play has become a burden. So how can you give your mother a wonderful holiday when you can’t enjoy the entertainment project? The answer is family gatherings.

Although you cannot go out, you can create surprises under limited conditions. Not only have the family time, but also beautiful festivals.
The mother gives life, and when the child grows up, her life also flows with time. But it is undeniable that at this age, time gives them a unique charm, mature, intellectual, and sexy. So you can choose thick 25MM Big Eyelashes to create makeup for your mother.

At the beginning of the party, she will walk out elegantly, walk in front of you from the time, and show you her young style. No housework, no work, this is her leisurely appearance, but also the charm of 25MM Mink Eyelashes blessing.

It ’s never too late to come up with creative ideas.
Remember, life is short and every moment has meaning.

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As a purchaser, how do you choose potential Suppliers With Lashes?

As a purchaser, how do you choose potential Suppliers With Lashes?

Excellent purchaser is not just about the price, but the overall consideration. Potential Suppliers With Lashes and supplier’s later service, late product innovation vitality, product market sellability, customer reputation, which is the market potential of products.

Whether the service staff can give you a high level of service according to the problems you encounter to help you occupy the market. These are all things to consider.

Market prices are now very transparent. Both quality and price can be easily compared. $4 or $3 Whispy False Lashes abound the market. Many Private Labeling Manufacturer in the market can accept and provide you with some products to sub-charge, or directly provide some Individual Eyelashes made by junior workers, these low costs are still profitable.

If you only look at profits, regardless of consumer experience, everyone can do it. But then all Suppliers With Lashes are the same, we want to be different suppliers and provide customers with different Eyelashes Mink 3D.

Reputation is very important to us, and the same is true for everyone who wants to do eyelash business. It means that your market can be done. Word of mouth publicity in the Internet era is very fast, because your success is also my success, and the difficulties you encounter are also the difficulties I encountered.

Consider comprehensively when choosing a product. If you exceed your budget, you can reduce the quantity and do it slowly, looking at the huge market potential brought by High-quality Mink Lashes little by little. This will not risk too much. If you order 10 pairs of Cheap Wholesale Lashes and 5 pairs of defective products, you not only have the time for inspection and return time, these are costs, and more importantly, the huge reputation cost in the Internet era.

It is very important to do goods procurement. Good goods will make your market rise quickly, and bad goods will only be done once. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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As Online Star, how to make money by Cruelty Free Lashes Top Selling

As Online Star, how to make money by Cruelty Free Lashes Top Selling?

Eyelashes can now serve as a perfect sideline to help you capture more profits. As an internet star, it has a large fan base, so how to make profit by Cruelty Free Lashes Top Selling?

In fact, the most important thing in operating an industry is the product. No matter how good marketing is, High Quality Mink Lashes are the key to long-term development. Good products will help you attract more and more fans. Cheaper Bad Quality Lashes will affect your fans.

If you are an internet start, then the best option is to hit the market with Best Mink Eyelashes, and it is a hit. In a fan-based online business, it is very important to bring a good experience to your customers. Your fans experience good Faux Mink Lashes private label will follow you more and more. On the contrary, if it brings a bad experience to the customer, and receives complaints or bad comments from the fans, the impact will be very serious.

Market prices and quality are now very transparent. There are many Luxury Real 3d Mink Lashes for three dollars, and also Original Embalage Eyelashes for two dollars, but the experience of wearing them on the eyes is different. The goal of Guccilashes is to enable you to sell your products quickly and enable your customers to buy them back indefinitely. If you only compare prices without considering customer experience, it will also affect your sales.

Is long-term development more important or rapid profit? So the most important step is to select the products and consider the pros and cons before the online star starts the eyelash business.

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Why launched the Faux Mink Lash set?

Why launched the Faux Mink Lash set?

Why launched the Faux Mink Lash set? Dear customers, please keep in mind that every decision made by Guccilashes is based on “maximizing customer cost savings, creating maximum benefits for customers, and focusing on the long-term development of each customer.”

The number of Individual Eyelashes sets varies from 10-20 pairs, mixed styles. These styles are Popular Mink Lashes styles in the market, or Newly Designed Invisible Band Lashes styles. The most helpful for customers to open the market in the shortest time.

Because there are always many customers asking these questions, we are ready for you. You can also make your own judgment according to the actual market demand and match the style independently. Tell me, let me help you!

In addition, from the perspective of international express delivery charges, the minimum fee for international express delivery is $ 30. We calculated the number of eyelashes within 0.5 kg, so that the cost of each pair of eyelashes was the lowest.

Modern people have precious time, obvious personality, and do not like a single model. So their makeup is sometimes light makeup, sometimes heavy makeup, you need different styles of 3D Mink Strip Eyelashes to match, buy different styles at a time to prepare for unexpected needs.

Consider more than you, Try to find shortcuts to Make beauty easy is our dedication.

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