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The Aquarius of 12 Constellations –Bottle Eyelash Case

The Aquarius of 12 Constellations –Bottle Eyelash Case

Do you know the zodiac signs? Do you know about Aquarius? Each constellation has its own personality and characteristics, just like every girl has her own unique charm in the depths of her soul. The Bottle Eyelash Case is a creative design launched by Guccilashes for Aquarius.

Aquarius is the eleventh house of the zodiac sign, east of Capricorn and west of Pisces. People with level constellations are very smart. Their greatest feature is innovation, the pursuit of a unique life, and a constellation with strong individualism. They are friendly and privacy-oriented. Aquarius likes to make friends, treats people straightforwardly and sincerely, and can definitely be regarded as the “star of friendship”

This is the inspiration for the design of the Aquarius Bottle Lash Packaging.

When designing, the Circle Lash Packaging adopts the shape of a water bottle, using only gold and silver as the bottle cap and bottom. Use the same color bow as decoration at the neck. The Aquarius style immediately appeared. The transparent bottle symbolizes the sincerity of the Aquarius girl. The entire Private Eyelash Packaging looks small and delicate.

When you go out to play, you can put it in your bag at any time for easy carrying. Or as a gift for your good friends.

The new way of socializing in 2020: give you an Aquarius Eyelash Box, how about being friends with me?

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Limited Surprise—Buy sample eyelashes provide Free Eyelashes Box

Limited Surprise—Buy sample eyelashes provide Free Eyelashes Box


There are always some small surprises in life. Whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, these small surprise romances, Guccilashes can give you. Guccilashes provide Free Eyelashes Box specially for customers who purchase Eyelash Samples.

Do you like the brightest lemon yellow in summer?

Do you like pink rainbows?

Do you like big red roses?

These elements are in Guccilashes’ cardboard box this time. So how can it be obtained?

It’s easy, as long as you buy Guccilashes’ Wholesale 3d 16mm 20mm Mink Lashes Samples. We will provide the Free Eyelashes Box to you randomly.

Comes with a cardboard eyelash box. We do not accept specific styles, because then you receive not only high-quality eyelashes, but surprises.

As long as you are pursuing High-quality Mink Lashes, there is a high-quality pursuit. This little romance, GUCCILASHES can give you. Gives you the delicate color of roses, gives you the colors of midsummer.

However, the number of our free card cartons is limited. There are only 3,000, so if you want to have this surprise, please contact our service staff Chloe as soon as possible. You only need to tell her the style and quantity of Pestaas Mink Originales samples you want, and you can take away this little gentleness of Guccilashes.

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Give you a look at color — Raiders for Colorful Eyelashes

Give you a look at color — Raiders for Colorful Eyelashes

The little fairies must have watched this video ” saved the whole face with one eye”. Obviously it is the ordinary look, just rely on a pair of good-looking eyes to save the overall value. I have to admit that the “eye value” determines the face value, which also confirms why so many passersby stars have begun to work hard on the eyes. For example, eye makeup care machine-Colorful Eyelashes.

Why choose colored Privet Label Lashes?

Color eyelashes can add color to the eyes, set off the skin tone and interpret the effect of eyeshadow, and can match the makeup and eyebrow color to make the eyes more dazzling;

Color eyelashes not only increase the characteristics of the eyes, but also have elements of personality and fashion. They are also an added artifact for those who pursue fashion and wear details;

Color eyelashes in life not only enhance personal appearance, but also give people a new look.

Now let’s look some kind of colorful High Quality Eyelashes Mink.

Purple Eyelashes:

Stunning, hazy, noble, cold and…
Purple has a variety of finishing touches that define makeup! Cool and sloppy!

Red Eyelashes:

The red motto is “A happy life is an unhappy life all the time”.

Green Eyelashes:

Green as far as the life is an individualist,
There is such a taste of bud for life.

Pink Eyelashes:

Pink is the color of flowers, delicate and delicate. Put it on and become a princess in a fairy tale.

Caramel Eyelashes:

Fresh and transparent caramel color matches with fair skin;
Sweet and smart, revealing a gentle and quiet temperament.

Yellow Eyelashes:

Yellow is like sunshine, a warm color.Bright and eye-catching.

Which color do you pick?

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Why Sample Pack quickly get Lashes business after the resumption of work

The resumption of work is coming soon. Have you decided what gift to give yourself? The best is a nice Mink Eyelash Strips Business! How do you do it quickly? Guccilashes suggestion is Sample Pack.

Why Guccilashes do the Sample Lashes Packaging? This is a good guide for the just begin lashes business people. When you have a limited budget and don’t know how to choose eyelashes, will this package save you a lot of time.

And another important reason is that it can open the market quickly. The custom box production time is 13-18 days, if you want to get a nice Mink Eyelash Strips Business, the easy packaging is the best choice.

$88.9 SAMPLE Mink Lashes PACKES–10 PAIRS

There are 3 different Natural 3D Mink Lashes style for your choice.
Free choice of 2, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10pairs

$99.9 SAMPLE Mink Lashes PACKES–10 PAIRS

There are 3 different 25mm 3D Mink Lashes style for your choice.
Free choice of 2, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10 pairs


There are 3 different Vegetarian Eyelash style for your choice.
Free choice of 2, five pairs each. Mixed them total 10 pairs

All the Lashes Sample Pack is free shipping!!

If you have any question, you can contact us: 008617561687025

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How to make your customers notice Your Luxury Mink Lashes on INS

How to make your customers notice Your Luxury Mink Lashes on INS

Instamatic is a social platform with high traffic and strong purchasing power. With this social platform, you can quickly complete your eyelash business. Of course, just like our High Quality Eyelashes, which attract more customers. So how to make your customers notice your Luxury Mink Lashes throw-ins posts?

You need to make your posts climb to the top six of the hashtag wall. When you occupy the top six of the photo wall, potential customers searching for the tag can easily find them, so more potential customers can get more attention and get more orders.

First, subscribe to small-scale lash walls that are very relevant to our industry, such as #lashvendors. Customers looking for mink eyelash suppliers naturally want to search for #lashvendors, follow it, and add it to your post tags. In this way, when you publish, the hashtag of the post leads him to the bottom of the hashtag wall. The better the quality of the post, the easier it is to be noticed, praised, and finally climb to the top of the hashtag wall, and can occupy the top six for a long time until it is eliminated by better quality posts.

When you occupy the top six of the photo wall for a long time, the more your exposure, more and more customers will notice you.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to and add Individual Eyelashes related things. For example, when you first pay attention to #minklasheswholesale, you will find that there are only 7000 pictures and videos, add and follow him, expand your imagination, operation, and maintenance mind map, And those related to Cruelty-free 3D Mink Eyelashes? For example, Lash Packaging Ideas, #lashcases, #lashbox, these are related to the eyelash industry, #dramaticeyelashes these are related to eyelash styles, and some are related to eyelash usage scenarios. #handmadelasheslashes These are purely handmade, craft-related, and so on. Look for eyelash walls with less than 60,000 photos and videos, and hashtags related to eyelash styles, prices, packaging, suppliers, quality services, etc., follow him and mark them below your posts, so that good posts can be displayed On multiple photo walls, give you more exposure and attention.

When the customer finds you, you have completed the conversion from the editor to the eyelash supplier, showing the customer your product advantages, price advantages, service advantages, and happily completing the order. The customer changed from the position of choosing the reader to the negotiator of eyelash purchase and fulfilled the demand for eyelash purchase.

Welcome to Guccilashes Eyelash Wholesale with High-quality Mink Eyelashes. It will bring you a more stable customer base. The longer you have, the more customers you have, the easier it is to engage in eyelash business and make money.

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How to find Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor through ins?

How to find Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor through ins?

How to find Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor through ins? This is the best article I have seen, for reference.

 1. Look at the text editor first.

How to spot inferior Mink 3D Lashes Manufacturer?

A person’s thoughts are reflected through language and behavior. Is his product good? Is the service good? Whether you can become your supplier, the article is the best embodiment. Can designers come up with good designs? The design drawing and his design philosophy are the best embodiment. It is important that the content of the article is good and can arouse the interest of customers.

2. The vlog made.

What kind of posts are good posts?

There is a very important point here. Good pictures can attract people, but consumers only have one second to look at the photos. It is difficult to resonate with consumers and be scene-oriented.” And photos are also prone to deceptive behavior. If this VLOG is The actual display is not for the purpose of sales promotion. Gorgeous is just the appearance. Gorgeous appearance is easy, and interesting soul is rare. When looking for it, you need to see the real thing behind it, 1-minute eyelashes Video is better. The mink eyelashes shown in the video are more real than the photo and will make you immersive.

3. How to find suppliers accurately?

It is through a Hashtag.

When you use hashtags to search for Suppliers With Lashes, you will see the top six posts, and the following posts will also exist, but it is difficult for you to have time to read the later posts because of the good posts are all in the front. What you need to do is to read the previous good posts.

So how do you sell on INS when you purchase Mink 25mm Wholesale Vendor Bulk?

First of all, you need to know that since you became a Mink 3d Eyelashes Vendor, you were also a customer looking for a Mink 25mm Wholesale Vendor Bulk business. So you only need to do the above points and your customers will find you on INS. Customers have a sense of substitution will resonate, only the same frequency can buy interest and have orders.

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What is the hottest eyelash packaging in 2020?

The Wallet Eyelashes Packaging is the hottest eyelash packaging in 2020


What is the Hottest Eyelash Packaging in 2020? Rainbow Wallet Eyelashes Packaging.

Eyelash Packaging Box is a value-added service for Wholesale Mink Eyelashes 3D. There are more and more Private Label Eyelashes Custom Eyelash Packaging on the market, and every Real Mink Lashes Manufacturer is looking for Attractive Lashes Packaging. No repetition, attractive enough, as a bonus item for Luxury Real 3D Mink Lashes. did you find it?

What is the trend of 2020? Simple and innovative. The Rainbow Wallet Eyelash Case has these two characteristics.

Simple And Convenient: the simple coin purse design allows you to carry it with you when you are shopping. There is a bag on the side of the wallet, which can be tied to your car key with a string.

Innovative Design: The color of this wallet is a popular holographic material. The colors of the rainbow instantly made the whole package popular. There are rivet-like elements on both sides of the wallet, adding a touch of a retro feel.

In terms of appearance and usability, this packaging breaks the shape design of the traditional Magnet Lashes Box. Surprising and trendy.

Of course, from the customer’s point of view, another very important factor is its price. The Lash Box Packaging of this wallet is a good choice for those who just Started Eyelash Business and want to have an innovative design of Lashes Custom Packaging Cheap. Because its price is not expensive, there is no MOQ.

If you want to be more distinctive, you can put your brand name on the wallet. More with your brand characteristics.

Whether it is products or packaging, Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Guccilashes will lead you to the forefront of market trends. If you need help please contact us.

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How many Mink Eyelashes Bulk samples are best to order for the first time

Can I get the Mink Eyelashes Bulk samples?

If you have just started an eyelash business, this is a question often asked of Eyelash Vendor. You need to get some help because you don’t know the quality, price, and ordering process of the eyelashes. Don’t worry, you can contact customer service and start with Mink Eyelashes Bulk samples for everything.

Eyelash Samples can help you quickly test the quality of a supplier within a small budget. So if you are just starting out, how many eyelash samples are the best?

The most professional suggestion is 10-15 styles.

Because you need serve your customers and get feedback from them and adjust it according to it.

In this way, your MINK LASHES WHOLESALE BUSINESS will become stable and fulfill your mink lashes styles sometimes. then your customers will be more and more gradually. YOu will make a profit.
How to choose these 3d Mink Strip Eyelashes style?

Choose the Best Hot Selling styles on the market within your budget. This is a hot opportunity not to be missed.
Choose a different length. Now the 20MM 3D Mink Lashes and 25MM 3D Mink Eyelashes markets are very good in the United States. If you do not have these two markets, you will lose a large portion of your customers.
Choose several potential styles. It can be a new product. If the customer likes and is popular, then you will move to the first wave of profits, which will be very impressive.

If you are just starting an eyelash business and don’t know what to do, don’t worry, don’t panic. Contact Guccilashes customer service. Chloe will help you.

Whatsapp Chloe: 008617561687025

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About Lashes And Packaging customized services

About Lashes And Packaging Customized Services

1. Can I receive the customized Lashes And Packaging sample earlier?

The time required for Private Eyelash Packaging is 13-18 days. Including the time of placing orders and the time of production. If the custom sample is customized, the time required is the same as that of a large batch.

In fact, we do not recommend Custom Lash Packaging Box samples. Because it takes too long, if you need to expand your eyelash business, time is money. The significance of custom samples is to see whether the box design meets the requirements. However, Guccilashes will design the renderings for your first look at the box effect. The production pattern and the effect picture are roughly the same.

2. Can I see the rendering first?

Generally speaking, after placing the order, we will provide the design of the rendering for free. But many customers are confused and hope to see the renderings first. In fact, it is also possible. You only need to pay a design advance payment of $20, and we will arrange an exclusive designer design rendering for you.

What is design advance payment?

It is the design advance payment for the whole order that is paid first. If you like the designed renderings and want to place an order. Then the $20 can be deducted when the final payment is made. For example, the amount of the entire order is 1020 US dollars, because the advance payment has been paid before, so you only need to pay another 1000 US dollars. In other words, when you place an order, the design is free.

3. How long will it take if I don’t print the brand name and only need some patterns?

This is also a custom box, which also takes 13-18 days. Of course, if you choose a transparent rectangular box, it only takes 7 days.

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Inspiration for the design of the new Eyelash Beauty Box – the Chinese style

Inspiration for the design of the new Eyelash Beauty Box – the Chinese style that is popular in Europe

We have designed a style of Eyelash Beauty Box that is rare on the market. And its design is inspired by the style that once swept Europe – the Chinese style.

Why use Chinese style to design Eyelash Boxes?

In fact, as early as more than 300 years ago, the Chinese style was popular in Europe. In Europe, the Chinese style is a symbol of nobility. Even in the modern society fashion circle, the Chinese style is considered to be an indispensable element. Our designers found that this element is not popular in the eyelash market. Then it means that this is a good market opportunity.

So what is the Chinese style?

The Chinese style refers to the style with Chinese cultural elements. For example, Chinese ink paintings, royal palaces, and silk ceramics. This time the designer designed two different boxes based on Chinese style elements. —- Royal style and Harem style.

Royal style

This Drawer Eyelash Packaging is made of special paper with a fine pattern on the paper. At first glance, it may not be conspicuous and will not be ignored. This dark grain is very low-key, and the pattern vines are tightly entangled, revealing the flavor of a European court mural.

In terms of color, the element of the Chinese royal family – yellow. In ancient China, yellow was the symbol of the royal family: robes, palaces, and sacred objects were all yellow, a symbol of power and extravagance. At the same time, the Chinese are also called descendants of the Yellow Emperor, so yellow is the most Chinese element.

Harem style

The same Private Label Lash Boxes is also made of special paper. Different from the royal model, the pattern of this box is a big flower, which is very beautiful. This design was inspired by unpublished women in ancient China. Every girl in the waiting word looks like a beautiful flower that is blooming, soft but bright.

The color also uses almost all of the girls’ favorite pinks. The blooming flowers are particularly beautiful on the pale pink paper.

These are just some of the elements of the Chinese style. Do you have a certain understanding of the Chinese style? Do you like it? Chinese style will surely shine in the future eyelash market!

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Guccilashes Original Personalized Eyelashes design team

Guccilashes Original Personalized Eyelashes design team

A good mink eyelash brand is a combination of culture, and the mink eyelashes you fall in love with your soul. Guccilashes is a creative Cruelty free Mink Lashes Curly wholesale company. Every product we introduce is warmly welcomed and sold by the market. A large part of this success is due to our Original Personalized Eyelashes design team.

The designer was born in a place full of art. That hometown produced the Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan. It is precisely because he is surrounded by an artistic atmosphere from small to large, Mr. Designer has a delicate mind. After growing up, he came into contact with the product of eyelashes, and he devoted himself to the study, which perfectly blends the beauty and elegance of women in Guccilashes eyelashes.

The eyelashes designed by the designer appeared on the market and caused a sensation in the market. But soon, Mr. Designer chose to challenge bravely. He set up a design team, he is never stingy to share his experience and ability on the eyelashes. It is precise because of this spirit of sharing and the courage to challenge. He led the team to design more and more unique styles, such as the 3D Mink eyelashes long, 25MM 3D mink eyelashes, Wand Fake Eyelashes, and so on.

The design team of Guccialshes pursues original design from the beginning to the end, and pursues to design products that meet the soul of everyone. When you stand in front of the mirror with your eyelashes, you see another self deep in the soul.

Now it provides one-to-one customized services. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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Square eyelash box sample with Best Mink lashes

Square eyelash box sample with Best Mink lashes

As a world-renowned Eyelash Vendors brand, Guccilashes has won many large customers for its eyelash quality. Guccilashes not only produce professional Mink Lashes and Customized Lash Packaging Boxes Manufacturer but also 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors, We can provide you with the greatest support. Like the Square eyelash box sample with Best Mink lashes.

There are a lot of people who want to Start Eyelash business, but don’t know what to do with limited funds. If choose Custom Box then it will exceed their cost. But it also needs packaging to wrap its own eyelashes. This time Guccilashes gives you the best choice–sample box.

As a mature China’s largest eyelash supplier, in order to provide diversified services on eyelashes and meet the various needs of the market. When guccilashes has the highest quality eyelashes, it gradually has a variety of eyelash sample boxes.

Elements of Square Sample Box and transparent PVC. Hold the box in your hand to see the eyelashes clearly. Choosing this eyelash box is definitely the best choice. There are Many styles:

In the case of a limited budget, Guccialshes is willing to help no one who loves eyelashes Create Your own Eyelash Brand. We provide the Best price eyelash sample box, the Best Quality Eyelashes. Already one-to-one exclusive service.
If you need, please contact us.

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New sample eyelash box — Lashwood Boxes

New sample eyelash box — Lashwood Boxes

We are the largest High Quality Eyelash vendors in China. We have helped thousands of corporate brands. Whether you have already done eyelashes business or just Started Eyelashes Business, you can seek help at Guccilashes. In order to help customers do Big Eyelash business, Guccilashes can always give you more new options– Lashwood Boxes.

This is a very popular Lashwood Eyelash Case on the market. Features tightly hexagonal patterns. It looks like a beehive. Guccilashes brings Private Label Lash Boxes in four colors:


The white Lashwood eyelash Case makes the hexagonal texture more clear.

Gradient purple

This is a beautiful and magical color. There is a gradient between yellow and purple. Like sunset glow, when you see this color, your mood will be very beautiful.


Dark blue, steady and full of impact. It is appropriate to use it to describe high-quality brands.


The Yellow Eyelash Box looks as sweet as honey

These four colors, combined with the words on the surface of the box and the inner box of Star Sparkle, give you the perfect sample box. No matter which color you like, you can contact us.

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