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Are minks killed for eyelashes?

 I’m a mink to work for the Official Mink Lashes, and I learned of a sad event through TV news-Australian forest fire. It was very sad for me to hear the news. I hear that the fire is caused by dry weather, little rain, and some human factors. In this way, many of our siblings have no home. Fortunately, I’m not in that forest.

We love freedom, but if there is no home and life, then freedom is useless. The topic of how to protect us has become a hot topic again. I see many people asking: Are minks killed for Official Mink Lashes?

Oh no, that’s ridiculous. “It is not right to kill mink to make Official Mink Lashes in the time of peace” When we knew the world, I heard Guccilashes staff say. Seriously, I was scared when I knew that Guccilashes making Mink False Eyelashes. Because I heard that Cruelty Mink Hair is a scam, we will be brutally killed. But after a day, I found that I was safe. After a week of worrying, I found that I was not only safe but also enjoyed the very good treatment.

 I understand that not everything is true. At least I know that Guccilashes is really free cruel. It is not as good as the vast world in the forest, but life is comfortable. Just like going to work.

Correct! It’s like going to work here. Don’t worry about the wind and the sun, no food. There are still messages on time, but someone regularly combs our hair for us. Collecting our shed hair, at first, I didn’t know what the hair could be used for. Later, I heard the staff say that it is false eyelashes, which can bring beauty to beautiful ladies. Wow! We can bring value to work.

 When it’s okay, many of our friends can play together. There will be a lot of space for us to entertain.

 I don’t understand why some people say that mink must be killed to make eyelashes. Just as some people say that mink hair is cruel and Mink Faux Fur is recommended, this is also for selling 3D Synthetic False Eyelashes.

People have the right to choose. Just like animals, life is equal and work is equal. Whether it is vegetarian eyelashes or mink eyelashes, it is your own choice, just like my job. If it is safe and healthy, how do you know that I don’t want to?

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Here comes the real Vegan Eyelashes — bamboo protein fiber pure plant vegetarian eyelashes

Are you looking for Vegan Eyelashes?

Most of the raw materials for Vegan Lashes on the market today are artificial fibers. Looks stiff, not as smart as mink hair. For this phenomenon, the Guccilashes research team has been seeking breakthroughs.

Breaking through is also breaking through the market, just to give customers a better experience.

Later, we discovered a new material, bamboo protein fiber, which is refined from pure plants and is non-toxic and healthy. Deeply transferred the concept of Vegan Eyelashes to the end. This pure plant fiber uses a special technique to extract protein fibers from bamboo at a ratio starting at 1: 300.

What are the advantages of this Pure Plant Eyelash? He looks closer to Mink Lashes, with layering and lightness. When you blow with your mouth, you can see that each one has waves.

New products will bring new markets. At present, only we have mastered this technology, and we hope to bring the latest and high-end products to our customers. Working together to create profitable profits.

Now we launch ten models, as follows:

Please refer to the video for flexibility.

If you would like to inquire about prices or specific product information, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to share this blog and new products, you are a person who is willing to bring beauty to everyone. Guccilashes has always appreciated this kind of collaborators, forwarded to five groups or shared on social media to get 10 likes, we are willing to provide you with a pair of Free Samples Lashes to try. I just need your own shipping fee!

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The responsible eyelash supplier is real

Hundreds of millions of animals have died in Australia’s Wildfires. People all over the world attach great importance to this matter. Recently, the donation of the world’s richest man to Australia has aroused heated discussion.

Amazon Bezos has come under fire for offering a 1,000,000 Australian dollar to help rebuild Australia’s fires.

Should the richest give more? The answer must be no.No matter how much money, is the loss of hundreds of millions of lives regret and love. Whether donating money or not, as long as there is still the fear of life, love for those animals is a valuable thing.

As an old Chinese saying goes, Being poor cares about themselves, being wealthy cares about the world. That’s what it means. Look at your ability when you do things. Don’t do things that make you fat. This is also one of the criteria for a Good Eyelash Supplier.

Can do things can promise, can not do things to tell customers truthfully. This is responsible for Wholesale Eyelashes Vendor. Telling customers you can but you can’t is only bad for profits but also bad for growth.

Guccilashes have always been guided by the principle of saying one thing at a time, and of course, we want our clients to do the same for their clients. Authenticity is the most important thing.

Being poor cares themselves, being wealthy cares the world

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With a little trust, I want to make your Custom Eyelash Brand red in America

Today I watched a micro-movie called “Buy Ears”. It is a story of a takeaway trying to make money to buy a hearing aid for his grandmother. There is a word that touches me a lot: Grandma, give me a little more time, and I want you to hear the whole world. I think of everyone who is about to start the Custom Eyelash Brand.

In the beginning, everyone was confused and came to the Eyelash Empire with dreams and beliefs. Don’t know how to Custom Eyelash Brand, and don’t know if you should trust others. I understand because I used to be you.

I had hoped that a good guide would help me. If you are just Start My Own Eyelash Brand and don’t know how to do it, it doesn’t matter. You give me a little trust, and I want to make your Private Label Mink Eyelashes career popular in America. Not to sell High Quality Mink Lashes to you, but I know your ambitions and I know who I was.

What can I bring for you? All Private Label Lash Suppliers will say everything. I don’t want to tell you, I can only tell you also tell myself: the Best Quality Eyelashes has the lowest price, and the lowest quality lashes have the best quality.

Take a little trust and let go of this opportunity. I want to make your Lashes Brand Name famous in the American eyelashes industry, just like Lilly we once helped.

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Eyelash Market Opportunities During the Chinese Spring Festival

Dear, this is Mink Lashes Vegan vendor, if you have looked at the IphoneX micro-film “Three Minutes“. This micro-film tells the story of the trainer and her child has only three minutes to meet when the train stopped.

The Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon. This festival is very important for the Chinese. This is a day for a family reunion. From 1.21 to 1.29, the Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor factory workers take annual leave, and the order enters the stage of ordering. After working on 1.30, production will be carried out in the order of the order.

Although we are on holiday during the Spring Festival, the same as the theme of the micro-movie. Every moment of reunion can be retained, and every opportunity in the Mink Lashes Vegan market must be seized.

It is precise because the Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday that all workers are on vacation. This is exactly an opportunity. If you have enough 3d Mink Eyelashes in your hand, you can capture the market. You can seize this market opportunity years ago.

Because the production time of the Custom Logo Eyelash Case is 13-18 days, but because the order enters the ordering state during the holiday. After work, production will be performed according to the order of the orders, so the earlier the order, the sooner it will be received after the year.

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If you have any questions about time, please feel free to contact me.

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Why not choose Lashes Extensions Types?

Why not choose Lashes Extensions Types?

Women who want to have the perfect makeup may prefer to use a suitable foundation to create a clear foundation or use a variety of lipsticks to create a changing atmosphere. Now, more and more women hope to achieve this through Crazy Fake Eyelashes and Lashes Extensions Types.

Today maybe you need Natural Eyelashes to become a youthful and lively image. Tomorrow maybe you want to be the queen aura. This requires bold and Sexy Eyelash styles.

If you want to have an ever-changing self through your High Quality Mink Lashes, then you need different Wholesale Mink Lashes styles. This point of Extensions Eyelashes cannot satisfy you. How to do it?

Do n’t worry, you can choose the 3d Mink Eyelashes, it allows you to meet a different self every day.

Diverse Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale, it is easy to wear, as simple as drawing eyeliner every day, so you can change different styles every day. Giccilashes have more than 500 types of Eyelash Private Label, so you can meet 500 different yourselves.

So don’t tell me, tell yourself,” I can only be myself like this!” You can be different every day! You are not immutable. When you are in a good mood, you are ice cream, sweet the heart; when in a bad mood, you are red wine, elegant and sexy, and SLAY the audience.

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A better me is coming! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A better Private Label Lash Suppliers of eyelashes IS COMING!HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2019 is coming to an end. Have you submitted a satisfactory questionnaire for 2019? The YEAR 2020 is about to start. Let’s start with a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Many customers have told me that you are a good Private Label Lash Suppliers! You’re great, but I know that’s me in 2019, and in 2020, I’m going to have a better me! We will surpass ourselves in 2020 and become a better Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor.

Whether you’re just starting your Eyelash Business or looking for a market breakthrough, come to us. We will not only give you the greatest support on the product but also provide you with marketing guidance.

Our services are as follows;

1. Use High Quality Mink Lashes and rich marketing experience to help you Custom Lash Brand. Use sincere advice to help you get through the fog.

2. Use Custom Eyelashes to help you find market breakthroughs. We will constantly update products, including new styles and a series of new products.

3. At the same time, we will give our Suggestions for your website and marketing model to help you better promote your own eyelash line.

The better self does not just talk, we use an action to tell you. Working with a number of eyelash suppliers can save you time and money.

We are still with you in 2020.

Are you your best self in 2019? Do you want to join us in becoming a better version of yourself in 2020?

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High-Quality Eyelash Manufacturers do Eyelash experiment

Eyelash experiment of High-Quality Eyelash Manufacturers

Many people now say they are High-quality Eyelash Manufacturers. However, there are too many 3D Eyelashes on the market. There are always good and bad eyelashes, sub-filling, and the use of chemical fiber eyelashes as mink eyelashes.

So what are really Best Mink Eyelashes? How to distinguish vegetarian eyelashes from mink hair?

Today I will use our eyelashes for two experiments: a high-quality eyelash test and an experiment on how to distinguish mink lashes from vegetarian eyelashes.

First: high quality eyelash test

Experimental steps: Put eyelashes in water, rub them, take them out and dry them with a hairdryer.

Experimental process: reference video

Experimental results: The eyelashes do not shed after rubbing in water, and the eyelashes are still fluffy and curly after being dried. The eyelash band are soft, that’s high-quality eyelashes.

Second: distinguish between vegetarian eyelashes and mink hair

Experimental steps: use a lighter then mink hair and vegetarian eyelashes.

Experimental process: reference video

Experimental results:
(1) Burning speed: Because mink hair is protein, it burns slowly; vegetarian eyelashes burn very fast, and both burn.
(2) Taste: Mink’s hair is very light when it burns, and vegetarian eyelashes burn with a pungent smell, accompanied by thick smoke.

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Why is someone pursuing Top Quality Eyelashes?

Why is someone pursuing Top Quality Eyelashes?

 In the many years of doing Top Quality Eyelashes, customers always ask about the quality and price, but a few days ago I suddenly found the best answer in one sentence: Without planting, life can find the prosperous road by itself.

Life is an instinct. Life instincts are born in the sun, and instinctively works in a better direction. Just like wearing Wholesale Mink Lashes to be more beautiful.

High Quality Mink Lashes will make you with a layer of light, like an angel. In fact, everyone knows what kind of 3D Mink Eyelashes are the Top Quality Eyelashes and what kind of 3D Mink Lashes are better. The lashes put your eye so you can feel it yourself. Isn’t it?

 I used to have some customers like our Private Label Mink Eyelashes but eventually gave up. They chose other Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor in the comparison process. Because we have become friends, I asked them why, and they told me sincerely: In quality, you are 10 points, other Private Label Lash Suppliers are 7 points, but in price, you are 7 points, the other is 10 points. I respect their choice, but I know this will not be the end. Sure enough, about a month later, they found me one after another and ordered a lot of Office Mink Eyelashes after the samples. This time I asked them why they told me: it turns out that you are right, this month’s market feedback tells us that Top Quality Eyelashes will be more liked by customers and will bring us higher value. They are getting better and better now.

You see, everyone actually understands this truth. Everyone recognizes high-quality eyelashes. This is why high-quality eyelashes are becoming more and more popular, and the high-end eyelash market is getting better. The pursuit of something better is human nature. People are eager to become better, and life can find its own prosperity. It’s the same for eyelashes, I believe you too.

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Be an attitude Eyelash Supplies!

Be an attitude Eyelash Supplies!

Whether you are Eyelash Supplies or not, you must have watched Youtube. Do you know  Liziqi? The Chinese name is “李子柒”. (Click here to Youtube to search

She is a Chinese blogger who won the silver medal at YOUTUBE in just three months with a short video. The content of her short video truly shows the ancient life in China. Even though the languages ​​are different around the world, seeing her videos will make you feel relaxed. French media reviews once commented that she “will feel fresh air when watching her videos.”

In fact, it was her return to life, her positive attitude towards life that resonated with friends around the world. She is transmitting traditional Chinese culture through video. With a strong culture and a clear personal attitude, language and national differences are no longer a problem.

Similarly, in the face of beauty, language and country are not a problem.

If the Eyelash Supplies is the torch of beauty, the 3D Mink Eyelashes are spokespersons of beauty.

The Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor who pursues beauty and passes on beauty should have an attitude, be true and be yourself. In this way, the product can be maximized, and the business can be enlarged and stabilized.

With the rapid development of the Internet, Private Label Lash Suppliers should is not impatient. Impetuousness will forget its original intention and only pursue the price blindly, regardless of the quality of the product. But you know what? Poor products will make you lose customers, and only good products can attract customers to bring profits.

Guccilashes has always been pursuing truth and insisting on self as its purpose since the brand was founded. We always have our own insistence, we only do High Quality Mink Lashes, and strictly control from workers to packaging. I have always wanted to convey a culture of 3d Mink Eyelashes to customers: beauty is invaluable and can be felt in person. It is no longer a nothingness, but a real thing. Even if we don’t speak the same language, even if we are thousands of miles apart, but seeing the eyelashes, our heart for beauty is to understand. 

When you put eyelashes on your eyes, beauty is no longer just a word, it is you.