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Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes

Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes

—Guccilashes recommended on Tuesday

I am very happy to meet you on Tuesday. Have you have watched the blog on Monday? Today, the style I want to recommend for everyone is related to the previous blog. If you are interested, you can go and have a look. Today I recommend the Chinoiserie Court Style— Gift Box Lashes.

This set consists of a pair of 3D Fluffy False Eyelashes and a Box Of Eyelashes without a LOGO.

Why recommend this set of Gift Box Lashes? Because this Eyelash gift box is very chinoiserie. It combines the Chinese court style and at the same time looks like the retro luxury of the European court. If you are sending friends a gift, I think this must be a good choice.

The video will be shown in detail below:

The Beautiful Eyelashes in the box are the 3D101—the brothers of the Best-selling 2019 DM02 introduced in the blog yesterday.

The Beautiful False Lashes are naturally dignified, but the design is cross-web. It looks very individual and is a combination of contradictions.

The Lashes Beauty Box is made of special paper. This special paper is very precious and special, and the whole box is the pattern of the paper itself. You can see that the whole is pale gold and there are patterns on the paper. Because yellow is the representative color of the ancient Chinese royal family. The pattern perfectly blends the atmosphere of the Chinese court with the luxurious retro of the European court.

(If you want to know the specific design concept, you can browse the blog on Thursday.)

Do you like this suit? The Chinoiserie style will show that your gift is ingenious. If you don’t give it away, it is ok to buy it yourself. I believe that walking on the street you are the most unique girl!

Ok, today’s sharing is here. Want to know more New Lashes? See you next Tuesday!


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