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Colorful Cardboard Eyelash Box For Summer

Summer is a colorful season. For Eyelash Suppliers, Colorful Cardboard Eyelash Box are very suitable. Today I will introduce you to several summer fun eyelash card trays.

Colorful Cardboard Eyelash Box

Just like the sun, you can customize the different colors of red orange yellow green blue blue purple. Under each color are dark lines of the sun. The blazing sunlight is especially suitable for the theme of summer.

Rainbow Lashes and Packaging series

The material of laser silver exhibits a distinctive splendor under the reflection of light. Rainbow after heavy rain, grab your heart on a hot summer day.

Cheetah series

Cheetah is an inspiration element of Cartier. In fact, the element of leopard has always been a trend element. The leopard eyelash card tray is full of wildness. Walking on the street with Best Selling Mink Lashes in the summer, this box will make you different.

Other series

Of course, there are various card trays, you can use your imagination to add highlights to your eyelash products. On the basis of already having the best eyelashes, having a beautiful box will become a bonus item.

The MOQ of the Luxury Eyelash Case is 500. You just need to contact us and tell us your quantity.

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