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Colorful Faux Eyelashes —Customer FAQ Library

Colorful Faux Eyelashes —Customer FAQ Library

Colorful Faux Eyelashes is very beautiful and perfect for stage makeup and opera stage. Do you know Colorful Faux Eyelashes?

1. How many hairs does it take to make 1 lash Colorful Faux Eyelash?

Because our Faux Eyelashes styles are different, some Thin Eyelashes and some Thick Eyelashes, so each mink hair is different. About one 3D Mink Eyelash is between 200-2000, and the amount of a pair of mink hair is about 400-4000.

2. Can I customize the Colored Mink Eyelashes?

All of our mink eyelashes are authentic and cruelty-free 100% high-quality mink hair. The color of real mink hair is gray and black, the tinting strength is poor, and the effect is not good. We are unwilling to present customers with poor quality products.

3. Can I customize colored eyelashes?

Of course, we can make Colorful Silk Eyelashes. The coloring power of Silk Eyelashes is much better than that of mink hair. We have made Colorful Silk hair. The effect is OK.


4. Can I order 100 pairs of pink mink fur?

The MOQ of this colored 3D Silk Eyelash is 300-1000 pairs.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me freely.

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