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3D Mink Lash Vendor Production And Design

Custom FAQ—3D Mink Lash Vendor Production And Design

In the last blog, we show some of the customer’s FAQ. Have your doubts solved? Now we show you the part FAQ of the 3D Mink Lash Vendor production and design.

7. Does the company have a dedicated designer for designing Private Label Mink Eyelashes styles?

Answer—We have a dedicated Private Label Mink Eyelashes design team that not only pays attention to changes in people’s minds, changes in aesthetics, but also keeps up with fashion trends, and constantly designs new Mink Eyelashes styles to meet consumer needs.

8. Where is the 3D Mink Lashes Factory ground for eyelashes? Where are they produced?

Answer—Our 3D Mink Lashes Factory is located in Pingdu, Qingdao, Shandong Province, where it is the Mink Lashes production base. 80% of the world’s eyelashes are produced here, and 80% of the world’s High Quality Mink Lashesare produced by our factory.

9. How High Quality Mink Lashes
are made?

Answer—The High Quality Mink Lashes are handmade. The 3D Mink Lash Vendorworkers communicate with the designer beforehand. They accurately grasp the designer’s thoughts. According to the drawings from the designer, the hairs are placed one by one with the tweezers. Each pair of 3D Mink Eyelashes contains the designer’s thought, the wisdom of the workers. It is the art of the soul, a team creates beauty with heart.

10. Can you reuse Private Label Mink Eyelashes?

Answer: Our Private Label Mink Eyelashes can be used 20-25 times if carefully protected. Our eyelash glue is patented, soft and durable, not easy to break, you can use it with confidence!

11. Do Wholesale Mink Lashes last longer?

Answer—Our glue is natural, pollution-free, odor-free, strong, and will not lose its viscosity due to tearing. You can stick it for 24 hours, but we recommend that you take off your Wholesale Mink Lashes before going to bed. Our High Quality Eyelashes and skin are oily, which will gradually reduce the adhesion. Let your eyes rest!

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