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Customer FAQ Library— About Custom Eyelash Cases Freight

How To Save The Freight of Custom Eyelash Cases?

How much do you know about the Custom Eyelash Cases Freight? I will give detailed answers based on today customer’questions.

Some customers are confused with the freight, Why the shiping cost is so different ?

There is a great relationship between freight and Goods weight.

In the air transport company, the freight is calculated according to the two assessment standards: volume weight and actual weight. Which one is bigger , The The air freight will be calculated based on it .

Over 21 kilos, the air freight company will give you a big discount.

Different countries and regions , The freight is different too. Remote regions, The freight is higher too. Based on the rule of air company.

Within the first weight of 0.5kg, it is only related to the area. More than 0.5kG is related to the quality and volume of the goods themselves.

But what needs to be noted is that because we have a long-term cooperation relationship with the courier company, we have won the price concessions for large goods (21kg) for our customers. That is to say, the shipping cost of 500 Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box is similar to 200.

When 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Case packaging, our packaging team are fimilar how to save fright cost for you . No worry about it!

We’ll Strive to save costs for customers and increase profit margins.

If you have more detailed questions you need to consult, welcome to Whatsapp Me.

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