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Derivative 3D False Eyelashes — DM09 and DM09A

Derivative 3D False Eyelashes — DM09 and DM09A

—–Guccilashes Monday Product Introduction

The 3D False Eyelashes sharing time on Monday is coming again. The two 3d Fake Eyelashes introduced to you today are DM09 and DM09A. Are you very confused, why is the name so similar? This is why I introduced these 3D False Eyelashes today, DM09 and DM09A are derivative styles.

What is the derived 3D Fashion Eyelashes style?

The derivative style is that the DM09A style design is improved on the basis of DM09.

The reason for the DM 09A design was that the DM09 was just on the market because the style was particularly hot. At this time, an American girl contacted us and asked if the DM09 style should be denser.

According to the survey, we know that a large number of people like this style very much, but their character is more unrestrained, so they prefer Thick beautiful eyelashes. According to market feedback, our designers have done more dense and personalized on the basis of DM09, and DM09A has been produced.

In terms of style, DM09A and DM09 are 10 clusters of cross-type
mink lashes, length, and cross. But the difference is that each cluster of DM09 starts to diverge from the beginning, while each cluster of DM09A crosses more closely, and the difference in length of each cluster is more obvious. So DM09 is more fluffy than DM09A, but DM09A is denser and more individual than DM09.

From the perspective of the curling of the eyelashes, since each cluster of the DM09A is tighter, it seems that the DM09 is lighter and thinner.

From the perspective of the audience, it seems that DM09 is more suitable for girls with a gentle and elegant personality, while DM09A is more suitable for girls with personality. But no matter which one is undoubtedly good-looking.

Which girl are you? Which eyelash do you like? Tell me your answer and any thoughts about eyelashes in the comments!

Today’s sharing is here, see you next Monday!


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