Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner

Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner are an eyelash product developed by the products on the market. And the Magnetic Lashes are the progress of girls in pursuit of beauty!

High-Quality Magnetic Lashes are not easy to damage the eyes. Its key basic principle is to lift a magnet with attractive force on the magnet eyelashes. When wiping the exclusive eyelash eyeliner, absorb each other with the magnetic particle inspection inside, so that the lashes can be glued to the eyes without applying super glue.

You can find magnet eyelashes made of Faux Mink Hair material here, GucciLashes, the largest Eyelash Strip Manufacturer in China, or you can find magnet eyelashes made of mink hair.

The number of magnetic strips for one eyelash stem is 10-12, and the number of magnetic strips for one pair of lashes is 20-24.

DFC Faux Magnetic Lashes With Eyeliner

DFC is the main magnet eyelash series of Guccilashes. The material is imitation mink hair.

DFC Black Faux Magnetic Eyelashes

DFC Colorful Faux Magnetic Eyelashes

All DFC Faux Magnetic Lashes haven’t the moq, you can start form any quantity, come to start your lashes business quickly!!!

Custom Magnetic Mink Lashes With Eyeliner

Wholesale Cutsom Mink Eyelashes Vendor Guccilashes has hundreds of High Quality Mink Lashes styles, all of which are accepted as Mink Magnet Eyeliner Eyelash.

Check Below Link To Choose The Custom Magnet Eyelash Mink Style

11-16MM 3D Mink Lashes Style<<<

20MM 3D Mink Lashes Style<<<

25MM 3D Mink Lashes Style<<<

Our designers will add magnetic strips to the eyelash band of the eyelash style you choose, and arrange workers to Custom Magnetic Mink Eyelashes.

Note! Note!! Note!!! (When you order custom magnetic wholesale mink lashes )

Customized mink magnet eyelashes need the MOQ, starting from 50 pairs for each style.

Use together————Magnetic Mascara

What is the difference between magnetic mascara and eyelash glue?

Magnetic mascara is mixed with magnetic powder on the basis of eyelash glue. The magnetic powder and the magnetic strip on the magnet eyelash stem are based on the principle of attraction of opposite sexes. So when you wear it, you can quickly attach the magnetic eyelashes to the lines of the magnetic mascara

Section knowledge:

1. How to wear Guccilashes magnetic eyelashes?

(1). Apply special eyelash magnetic fluid to the root of eyelashes.

This eyelash magnetic fluid is mixed with magnetic powder in eyelash glue. It attracts each other with magnetic eyelash stems, making it easier to wear.

(2). Attach the trimmed eyelash stalk to the area where the eyelash magnetic fluid is applied

Cut the eyelash stems to a length that fits your eye shape. Then use the eyelash assistant to absorb the eyelashes on the pre-applied eyelash magnetic fluid.

2. Advantages of Magnetic Lashes:

  • Eyelashes with magnetic strips are easier to wear. Because the magnetic stripe is placed on the eyelash stem, it attracts the magnetic powder in the applied mascara fluid to the opposite sex, which can be used as an air adsorption effect. You can wear it easily at only a certain distance!
  • Not easy to fall off. The principle adopted by the magnetic stripe of the eyelash stem and the magnetic mascara is the interaction between the magnetic poles-opposite poles attract each other.

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