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Did you only buy a pair Official Eyelashes at Guccilashes?

Guccilashes is a brand that has been in Lashes Business for more than a decade. All Official Eyelashes are all handmade. All styles have an official design team and have unique intellectual property rights. Dear, have you ever thought that every pair of Official Mink Lashes you buy at Guccilashes is just an eyelashes?


This is an interesting question. I wonder if you have thought about it. Why do you ask it so?

So how many professional trainings do you know about the workers behind each pair of eyelashes? Yes, you are not mistaken, because each of our professional workers needs special training for 1-2 years, so after receiving the design draft, each worker is engaged in the production of eyelashes. I hope that the high-quality eyelashes come out of my hands. Be liked.

Do you understand it? Every official lash pair you buy at Guccilashes is an endorsement of these workers’ work. You not only buy products, but also support the dreams of every worker.

As an old brand, it is precisely because of the high-quality products from the workers and our strict control that it attracts countless customers. Those who do business with us are not only doing business in good faith, but also exerting their love and goodwill.

With mutual trust and goodwill, we will always only make high-quality products that satisfy the market.

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