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DW Faux Mink Lashes -Small Cost Eyelash Business

DW Faux Mink Lashes -Small Cost Eyelash Business

Guccilashes is the Best 3D Mink Eyelash Supplier in China. We will provide the most elegant eyelashes: Mink Eyelashes and Faux Mink Lashes. Many customers will encounter many problems when creating your eyelash business. They will worry and will spend a lot of money to buy their favorite products. , They will worry that their low budget can’t afford the mink eyelashes they want to buy, and they will worry about whether the sales of Faux Mink Eyelashes are not good…

Dear, as a Professional Eyelash Wholesale Vendor, Guccilashes have a low price but popular High-quality Private Labeling Mink Lashes for you to choose.

Why you can choose Faux Mink Lashes?

Vegetarian eyelashes, like mink eyelashes, occupy the eyelash market.
The raw material of vegetarian eyelashes is not real hair, it is a synthetic fiber, and the price is lower than that of mink hair. If you want to start an eyelash business with an insufficient budget, Guccialshes recommends that you consider a vegetarian eyelash production line.

Guccilashes’ Faux Mink Lashes advantages

Why recommend that you choose Guccialshes’ Vegan Eyelashes?
As a self-developed brand in China, Guccilashes will seek a breakthrough in vegetarian eyelashes in 2020 and strive to create eyelash styles that can lead the market.
The DW series is a new generation of high-quality vegetarian eyelashes developed by the designer of the Guccilashes factory. From the raw material point of view, the DW series uses bamboo protein fiber.
The eyelashes of the DW series are closer to the wearing effect of mink hair than the vegetarian eyelashes on the market. They are thinner, more natural, and more flexible.

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If the budget is insufficient, Guccilashes recommends that you consider Guccilashes DW Individual Eyelashes. Don’t worry about price, quality, market, and sales. This feedback from our customers can give you a satisfactory answer.

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