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Eyelash Market Opportunities During the Chinese Spring Festival

Dear, this is Mink Lashes Vegan vendor, if you have looked at the IphoneX micro-film “Three Minutes“. This micro-film tells the story of the trainer and her child has only three minutes to meet when the train stopped.

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The Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon. This festival is very important for the Chinese. This is a day for a family reunion. From 1.21 to 1.29, the Lashes3d Wholesale Vendor factory workers take annual leave, and the order enters the stage of ordering. After working on 1.30, production will be carried out in the order of the order.

Although we are on holiday during the Spring Festival, the same as the theme of the micro-movie. Every moment of reunion can be retained, and every opportunity in the Mink Lashes Vegan market must be seized.

It is precise because the Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday that all workers are on vacation. This is exactly an opportunity. If you have enough 3d Mink Eyelashes in your hand, you can capture the market. You can seize this market opportunity years ago.

Because the production time of the Custom Logo Eyelash Case is 13-18 days, but because the order enters the ordering state during the holiday. After work, production will be performed according to the order of the orders, so the earlier the order, the sooner it will be received after the year.

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