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Mink eyelashes come in so many styles,what Lashes in style should I get?

Because of the Market high demand , the designer will design hundreds of styles of eyelashes. Style more choice, there are many customers will ask me: Which Lashes in style should I get?

This is a question my clients often ask me recently after I send catalogs: Which Lashes in style should I get?

When she tell me she want a style .So I ask her which her favorite. If it was before, I would not hesitate to recommend theHot demand products on the market. Because I think the most popular style that most people like is the best one to choose.

What changed my mind was one afternoon. Now Change my mind has mind changed .

That afternoon, I wear our 3d mink lashes: 3D41-2. You know that’s our 3/4 lashes, designed for the USA to extending the Tail of eye . Asian eyes are not as deep as European or American eyes, so I think this one is the best for me.

So when I wear the lashes , the effect was as I expected.
Well suited to me.

But later when I tried another style that I thought didn’t fit me.
The Results are shocking ! That’s two completely Different lenses effects! I suddenly realized the significance of designing different eyelash styles.

Different Lashes in style are not just for Different types of customer groups. At the same time to make every customer see the variety of their own.

So eyelashes of the same style have different meanings because they are worn differently. Those are the Eyelashes with a soul .

Also that’s theMeaning of trying life . You have to experiment to find something different about yourself.

Gucci lashes will tell you that why to try different Lashes in style by over hundreds of lashes style! For the Hidden beauty !


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