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Apply fake special eyelashes in 4 easy-to-use steps

Do you have trouble applying false eyelashes? From the beginning of the application, the application can be very tricky and frustrating – trust me ladies, I know! It takes time and practice just like anything else. I have simplified this and provided you with the best tips and tricks for seamless applications.


The first time I met false eyelashes was in high school. I am preparing for one of my most magical nights in my life, my high-class dance party. Wearing a beautiful bronze makeup look, with a peach lip makeup, I need a set of eyelashes to complete the look of the red carpet effect.


Looking down at the beautiful false eyelashes that I was about to apply for, I remembered myself… “Wow. These babies will make me look,” Prom ready! “I didn’t know that this joke was on me. I found myself missing no instructions or the correct application tool! Boys, it’s a mess.. But you must start the right place?!


Recalling that unforgettable night’s photos, I had a lot of mistakes in smearing my eyelashes. From measurement to assembly, this is a beautiful disaster.


My 4 easy-to-follow steps will ensure that this application process goes very quickly and smoothly! Follow the final instructions to improve the application of false eyelashes.

* Eyelash style used: endless happiness

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Step 1: Remove lashes

Carefully remove the lashes with a pair of tweezers in the eyelash tray. Treat them from the lash strips. You can also gently remove the lashes with your fingers. Whichever method you prefer.

Step 2: L F accessories

Place the lash strips on the natural lash line. Use a small pair of scissors to carefully trim out any excess over the natural lash line.

Step 3: Paste

Use a toothpick to evenly spread the glue on the lashes. Wait 20-30 seconds for the glue to become sticky. Waiting is the main key to a better, cleaner and simpler application.

Step 4: Open


Gently place the lash strips on the central base of the natural lash line and continue to the inner and outer bases of the natural lash line. Use your finger to gently press on your eyelashes to fix the lash strips.

I am convinced that these four steps will simplify your application process for false eyelashes and ensure that your false eyelashes are always in the key position! Whether you are out with your girlfriend for a brunch or overnight in the city, these quick steps will prepare your lashes for any occasion! The ultimate goal is to let you feel the fabulous comfort when wearing beautiful Cannes eyelashes.

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