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Wholesale 3D mink false eyelashes from Gucci eyelashes

Wholesale 3D mink false eyelashes from Gucci eyelashes

What is 3D MINK? Hand-made 3D mink eyelashes have the best quality compared to other types of false eyelashes.

They have a good reason. 3D mink eyelashes are different from the standard Mink Eyelashes or Fiber Eyelashes in how they are made and how they look. The design is different, just like defining 3D: “3D means 3D, with width, height and depth or length”. In the case of 3D eyelashes, these eyelashes have a certain “layering” or three-dimensional effect.

Eyelashes are mixed with different sizes of eyelashes, and mixed with short eyelashes and long eyelashes, giving the eyelashes a 3D effect and a more fluffy appearance. These lashes are not all tiled on the regular lashes, and because the lashes are more pronounced and more natural. The overall 3D eyelashes tend to be more charming and make your eyes bigger and more attractive.


3D eyelashes are beautiful and “stereo”, you can see them from all angles, and they have beautiful fluffy tips. Eyelashes are fuller and fuller.


Gucci Whiplash Eyelash Brand In addition to the wholesale hair extension, Gucci Eyelashes also sells blistering lashes. We do not do parallel imports, only quality assurance!

Gucci eyelashes have different 3D mink eyelashes models, as follows:

Lightweight 3D eyelashes



Volumn Weight 3D eyelashes

How to use EYELASHES?

Do you know how to use false eyelashes? If you don’t know, that’s okay. Here we will share a few tips for you. OK, let’s talk about it!

First of all, you need to prepare 6 false eyelash tools for this work. The 6 tools are mascara, glue, eyeliner, eyelash curler, mascara and mascara brush.

Then, when we are ready, we can use eyelashes!


Step 1: Cut false eyelashes Make eyelashes from trimmed eyes.

Step 2: Brush the glue Gently apply a layer of glue to the eyelashes.

Step 3: False Eyelashes From the eyeliner, first fix the eye’s eye and then completely fix the middle part to the lash root.


Step 4: Pretty Eyelashes Gently curl your eyelash curler.

Step 5: Mascara Brush With mascara brushes, true and false eyelashes can be overlapped to achieve more realistic eyelashes.

Step 6: How to remove false eyelashes?

Use a cotton swab to take makeup remover and gently wipe off with false eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes gently remove the eyelashes from the end of the eyelashes, remove the glue from the eyelashes, put the fingers on the eyelashes, and put it into the storage box.


Start a good life! Many fashion girls like to wear false eyelashes because it can avoid your flaws and expand bright spots!

3D mink eyelashes is the best choice, it adds impeccable, beautiful life to your eyes, very simple!

Wholesale 3D MINK Business Partners Are you still hesitating? Let us wholesale your 3D mink lashes to supply your fake lash line now easily!

If you are currently selling hair extensions, we strongly recommend that you add 3D Mink eyelashes to your product. They are a big hit!

Most importantly, you don’t have to buy hundreds of eyelashes at a time when purchasing wholesale eyelashes from a private label.

We look forward to your joining! Create a beautiful life with us!


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