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Give you a look at color — Raiders for Colorful Eyelashes

Give you a look at color — Raiders for Colorful Eyelashes

The little fairies must have watched this video ” saved the whole face with one eye”. Obviously, it is the ordinary look, just rely on a pair of good-looking eyes to save the overall value. I have to admit that the “eye value” determines the face value, which also confirms why so many passersby stars have begun to work hard on the eyes. For example, eye makeup care machine-Colorful Eyelashes.

Why choose Human Fluffy Mink 3d Colored Lashes?

Color Lashes Mink can add color to the eyes, set off the skin tone and interpret the effect of eyeshadow, and can match the makeup and eyebrow color to make the eyes more dazzling;

Mink Color Lashes not only increase the characteristics of the eyes but also have elements of personality and fashion. They are also an added artifact for those who pursue fashion and wear details;

High Quality Color Lash in life not only enhances personal appearance but also gives people a new look.

Now from Color Mink Eyelashes Vendor to introduce you to some of the hottest styles of Color Faux Mink Lash.

Purple Colored Lashes:

Stunning, hazy, noble, cold, and…
Purple has a variety of finishing touches that define makeup! Cool and sloppy!


Red Lashes Color:

The red motto is “A happy life is an unhappy life all the time”.


Green False Eyelashes Color:

Green as far as life is an individualist,
There is such a taste of bud for life.


Pink Color Lash:

Pink is the color of flowers, delicate and delicate. Put it on and become a princess in a fairy tale.


Caramel Star Colors Lash:

Fresh and transparent caramel color matches with fair skin;
Sweet and smart, revealing a gentle and quiet temperament.


Yellow Lashes:

Yellow is like sunshine, a warm color. Bright and eye-catching.


Which color do you pick?

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