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Global Epidemic Prevention, Mask Protection

Global Epidemic Prevention, Mask Protection

                                                                                                 —— When there is no storm or rain, you can see the moon and the moon.

In 2020, a new type of coronary pneumonia virus swept the world, and the virus came like a flood. At first, it hurt China. Later, more and more regions and countries fell into the hands of the virus. Mask is slowly becoming scarce.

The virus is terrible, but the heart is warm. With more than 100 regions and countries infected with the virus in the country, Zhong Nanshan went to Europe to introduce his experience in fighting the epidemic, and Chinese medical staff continued to support disasters in various places. Although the virus has blocked traffic everywhere, it cannot stop the global human determination to fight the epidemic.

Faced with such a severe form of virus, we need not only determination but also scientific methods to overcome the epidemic. As Zhong Nanshan said in an interview with European media, in the face of the epidemic, China’s method is also the oldest and most conservative, but also the most useful. The force to overcome the epidemic is not only the medical staff who went to the front line but also the strong backing and the consciousness of all the people. Consciously put on a mask and do a good job of self-protection. This is a time when everyone should do it.

 We believe that with the determination of humanity to unite and under the guidance of scientific methods, we will be able to overcome this epidemic and allow more people to thrive on our lovely earth.

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