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High-Quality Eyelash Manufacturers do Eyelash experiment

Eyelash experiment of High-Quality Eyelash Manufacturers

Many people now say they are High-quality Eyelash Manufacturers. However, there are too many 3D Eyelashes on the market. There are always good and bad eyelashes, sub-filling, and the use of chemical fiber eyelashes as mink eyelashes.

So what are really Best Mink Eyelashes? How to distinguish vegetarian eyelashes from mink hair?

Today I will use our eyelashes for two experiments: a high-quality eyelash test and an experiment on how to distinguish mink lashes from vegetarian eyelashes.

First: high quality eyelash test

Experimental steps: Put eyelashes in water, rub them, take them out and dry them with a hairdryer.

Experimental process: reference video

Experimental results: The eyelashes do not shed after rubbing in water, and the eyelashes are still fluffy and curly after being dried. The eyelash band are soft, that’s high-quality eyelashes.

Second: distinguish between vegetarian eyelashes and mink hair

Experimental steps: use a lighter then mink hair and vegetarian eyelashes.

Experimental process: reference video

Experimental results:
(1) Burning speed: Because mink hair is protein, it burns slowly; vegetarian eyelashes burn very fast, and both burn.
(2) Taste: Mink’s hair is very light when it burns, and vegetarian eyelashes burn with a pungent smell, accompanied by thick smoke.

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