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Hot Classic Lashes —Brother-style 3D false eyelashes

Hot Classic Lashes —Brother-style 3D false eyelashes

On Monday, I will introduce the brothers-style lashes today: 3D101 and DM02. These are Classic Lashes that have always popular in the market.

Why is it called a brother’s Classic Eyelashes?

Because they are similar but also have some differences.

In order to help better understand these 3D Mink Lashes, a video will be displayed:

First, look at the length first.

DM02 is18-20mm, however, the 3D101 is 13-16mm.

Because DM02 is designed after the 3D Mink Eyelashes style, and the length of 18-20MM looks more personal. After the design, it quickly detonated the market and has always occupied the US market. Based on market feedback and comprehensive customer needs, we designed the brother of the DM02, it’s 3D101. It is shorter than the DM02.

The second difference in style.

The DM02 is a 6-cluster cross-eyelash from the front. There is a slender intersection in the middle of each cluster. The 3D101 looks like a 5-cluster cross-eyelash from the front, and there are also thin crosshairs in the middle of each cluster. Both look very fluffy, they are Fluffy Lashes.

The DM02 looks denser and more personal than the 3D101. So if you are a person with a bold personality or a bold heart, you can choose DM02. But if you prefer nature, we also provide you with 3D101, with 3D101, you can have the same beauty.

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Ok, today’s sharing is here. Do you like these 3D Mink Lashes? Like which one to leave a message below, tell me your answer!

If you want to know more detailed product knowledge, see you next Monday!


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