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Hot sale 20mm Mink Lashes and delivery this week!

Hot sale 20mm Mink Lashes and delivery this week!

—–Guccilahses Friday Business Opportunity

Hello everyone, sharing time on Friday is coming again. Today to share this week’s 20mm Mink Lashes hot sale.

The procurement situation of Eyelash Vendors this week is still very active, and it can be seen that the eyelash market is still on a hot stage.

The two 20mm Mink Lashes wholesale sold this week are also just launched recently: DM23 and DM27.

The DM23 breaks through our previous design and the contrast between each cluster of 20mm Mink Lashes Strips are sharp. The style looks very bold. The 3D Mink Eyelashes are chaotic and orderly, and extraordinarily fluffy. This eyelash personal character is bright, if you are a cool girl, I believe this will be a good choice.

This week sold DM23 3001 pairs, the market is distributed in various countries, including the US market.

Although the DM27 is a typical fan style, this model adds length to the 3D Mink Lashes. It looks extraordinarily thick. Wear it like a fan in your eyes. Zoom in on your eyes

This week DM27 sells 1875 pairs, the audience is mainly some special girls.

If you have just started your own Eyelash business, both styles can be ordered as a unique style.

For this week’s shipments, 97% of the Mink Eyelashes were sent in time. However, because of the typhoon landing in China in recent days, there will be a delay of 1-3 days due to some force majeure. I have already told the friends who are waiting to receive the 3D Mink False Lashes, thank you for your understanding. We will send out the remaining 3D Mink Fluffy Lashes as soon as possible to ensure that they will arrive safely in your hands as soon as possible.

I believe that we understand each other and work hard. All of us are twisted into a thick rope and make progress together! We believe that our eyelash business will be better and better.

Ok, today’s sharing is here. I hope that the news shared this week will help everyone’s eyelash business, see you next Friday!!

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