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How Mink Eyelashes are made?

How Mink Eyelashes Are Made?

Are the 3d Mink Eyelashes beautiful? This is beyond doubt. Does 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale regrowth sound ridiculous? No, no, put on False Eyelashes and you will see that this is true. You know it’s beautiful, you know its magic, then do you know How Mink Eyelashes Are Made?

What is the origin of the life of Private Label Mink Eyelashes? This goes back to itself. . .

1. Choose Mink Hair. It is the selection of raw materials. The origin of this eyelash is also the most important step. If the lashes are natural, it depends on whether its raw materials have hair peaks and whether they are shiny. At this point, we have chosen the most natural hair that comes off freely from a certain part of mink hair.

 2. Handle Raw Materials. During processing, our workers will use a microscope to pick out the hair with hair peaks, which will be processed through four processes.

  3. Swing. Then place the good hair according to the design. Because we are pursuing the flexibility of eyelashes, all eyelashes are hand-made by professional workers. This avoids the rigidity of machine production.

4. Put on eyeliner.

5. Cut after 5-6 days, this time is already a semi-finished product.

6. The next thing to do is Shape. Using special techniques to curl the eyelashes, it can be completely shaped after 6 processes.

7. Manual Loading. It should be noted that we choose complex two-point glue, the advantage is that there is no offset printing, and it is cleaner.

 8. Inspection Packaging. After the eyelashes are made, they will be subjected to final high-temperature disinfection, and then they will be inspected by machinery and manual inspection, and then they will be packed after passing.

In the end, you get Beautiful Eyelashes, and that’s how these eyelashes are made. All the beauty is attentive. The moment you see your eyelashes, you will know whether the eyelashes are elaborate or rough without a soul because beauty never lies to people. Similarly, the effort is also worth the effort of the workers and designers.

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