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How soon can I receive the Wholesale Sample Lashes after placing the order?

How soon can I receive the Wholesale Sample Lashes after placing the order?

It is very important to find an excellent supplier of mink eyelashes. It is also important to know who can wholesale mink fur. But as a professional whip wholesaler, when should you receive the Wholesale Sample Lashes, because after all, you have already spent money!

For Wholesale Sample Lashes

Generally speaking, if you only buy our mink eyelash samples, we will pack the goods and arrange for them to be delivered to you within 24 hours after you place the order. It takes 3 working days to arrive at the earliest, and it may take 5-7 working days under special circumstances. As the best 3D mink fur supplier, our advantage is that we can deliver orders to customers as quickly as possible and ensure timely!

Eyelashes sample Wholesale

For the purchase time during the Spring Festival, please click on this blog

For lashes with Eyelash Packaging Box

If you purchase Custom Eyelash Packaging Box together with the eyelash packaging box, we will arrange for the designer to design the desired logo for you immediately after completing the payment, and let you check it on the Private Label Lash Boxes for custom eyelashes. When you agree to the design, we will immediately arrange your order production. The general production time is 5-18 working days.

Our packaging is very sturdy and usually will not be damaged or damaged during transportation except for severe collisions. If any damage occurs during the processing and causes a certain degree of damage, you can contact our employees, we will contact our after-sales legal department and provide you with the best solution!

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