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How to attach Natural False Eyelashes as the makeup blogger?

Everyone sticks False Eyelashes, but is your Natural False Eyelashes perfect? Do not say that you will not apply 3D Mink Lashes from today, this is actually very simple! This blog will teach you how to put out Natural False Eyelashes.

First, be sure to curl your eyelash curler before putting on Faux Eyelashes, so that it will not be obtrusive after applying false eyelashes. and it will look more natural. If not curled up, double lashes will appear.

Secondly, trim the Mink Lashes to the length of your eyes. Avoid sharp Mink Eyelashes.

 The last and very important step is the Lash Glue. Make sure the Best Eyelashes Glue is firmly fixed at the beginning of the application and then remove the glue. When applying glue, apply the first layer as a whole, then air dry it and wait for it to dry. It is about 30% dry. Apply glue on the head, middle, and end of the eye, apply a little bit of it, and then dry it a little bit. Finally, if you stick it on, the drop will improve a lot.

The above is technically how to make false eyelashes look natural. Of course, if you want to make your false eyelashes look more natural, the most important thing is the quality of the eyelashes. The curved 3D Mink Lashes hair looks naturally three-dimensional, very similar to its own eyelashes. High-quality eyelash stem bands are comfortable and soft, with better comfort and higher practical value. If you want to know more about high-quality eyelashes, you can click the link directly to view.

At the same time, the eyelash glue must be of good quality, otherwise you can imagine the pictures of eyelashes falling off the street? In addition, the stickiness is not enough to make the eyelashes very thick and unnatural.
Creating beautiful makeup is actually very simple, you can also become a beauty blogger.

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