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How to choose Vendors Eyelashe Boxes of various materials

Customize suitable Vendors Eyelashe Boxes according to Privet Label Lashes
style and suitability

Recently, more and more customized Vendors Eyelashe Boxes have entered the market. It can be seen that everyone wants to attract consumers with the packaging they see at first glance. But is overpacking correct? My suggestion is not right, after all, you are selling 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale, and the real needs of customers are also High Quality Mink Lashes. Let the customer’s attention focus on the Cruelty-free 3d Mink Eyelashes product itself, and don’t use a gorgeous appearance to attract customers. If the customer sees the Beautiful Eyelash Box, he will feel cheated when he sees that the product is made like garbage. Poor customer experience.

The packaging should still be applied to highlight the eyelashes to achieve the promotional effect. How to choose a Custom Eyelash Case that matches the Luxury Mink Lashes? Years of experience accumulated, here are a few points for reference.

For the Light, Thin, Natural 3d Mink Lashes, choose small and exquisite packaging. For middlemen, it can not only highlight the eyelash effect but also save shipping costs and save space for consumers. A few eyelash boxes for making eyelashes at the beginning are good. As shown below.

For Double Big 25MM Mink Eyelashes and Thicker Eyelashes, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger eyelash box to better protect the Personalized Eyelashes. In terms of cost calculation, you can bring a mirror or no mirror. The cost of a mirror is higher, and the cost of a mirror is not. Be lower. It is recommended to start a business with a low budget and not bring a mirror. After all, mobile phones can be used as mirrors at any time.
To make Cardboard Eyelash Boxes, it is best to choose a style with a window so that customers can see the Whispy False Lashes at a glance. It can prolong the service life of the box, and it can also save customers’ time.

Customers with a low budget can choose airplane support or slightly smaller square support. The box size is 11.5x5x2cm. This kind of support is relatively narrow and can open a window.

If the Thick Long Eyelashes are thicker and more curled, you can choose a square bracket 11.5x6x2cm with a long window.

If you choose 25mmd Big Wholesale Mink Eyelashes and 6d Big Mink Eyelashes, this type of eyelashes is long. In order to highlight the eyelashes, you should choose a slightly larger box. The best choice is a square box with a window. Size 9X9X3CM.

If you consider that the flip-top magnetite eyelash case is easy to open and damage the eyelashes if it is left in the bag for a long time, you can choose this pull-out transparent case, which is very easy to use.

If some customers often change different makeup and need two teams of eyelashes, you can choose an eyelash box.

For makeup artists, photo studios, etc., you can make eyelash books, allowing customers to see all eyelash styles at a glance, and quickly choose their favorite eyelashes.

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