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How to design an impressive false eyelash packaging box?

How to design an impressive false eyelash packaging box?

As more and more people enter the eyelash industry, there are many, many False Eyelash Packaging Box to choose from. There are two impressive Lash Box Packaging, one is high-end and simple, and the other is cool and popular.

High-end design is always simple and contains rich content. To enter the high-end fashion, it is recommended to focus on the simple type, and recommend several of our Special Paper Square Boxes and special paper window Eyelash Box Packaging Custom.

High Quality Mink Lashes are also worn by a large number of young people. They like to be cool and changeable or print them in bright colors, such as pictures.

Either use a Strange Eyelashes Box shape to attract people’s attention, hexagon, triangle, diamond.

Either the cool printing attracts the attention of others. For example, the following types, Drop liquid Mink Lashes Case, Money Lashes Box Packaging, etc.

But in short, the logo should be prominent, recognizable, and easy for others to remember, just like DIOR, Chanel. Some logo designs that indicate the brand, simple but can leave a deep impression.

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