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How to distinguish 3D Silk Eyelashes and real 3D Mink Eyelashes

How to distinguish 3D Silk Eyelashes and real 3D Mink Eyelashes

—Guccilashes Eyelash Knowledge Corner on Thursday

Yesterday, a friend asked me what is the difference between 3D Silk Eyelashes and 3D Mink Eyelashes? Is the silk eyelashes not good?

No, each has its own characteristics, but each person’s choice is different from aesthetics. The faux mink lashes wholesale are smoother on the eyes. And the 3d false mink eyelashes are more three-dimensionally fluffy on the eyes. And both the sense of experience and the sense of sight are closer to the true eyelashes.

It must be said that 3d mink lashes wholesale are more popular in the market. However, because the cost of 3D false eyelashes is relatively high, many Private Label Lash Suppliers use chemical fiber eyelashes as Mink Eyelashes and sell them to customers. So how do you distinguish between silk eyelashes and mink hair?

Scientific identification can be done by solvent or staining, but it is too cumbersome. Here are a few effective small methods:

(1) Hot with hot water

The mink hair is easily deformed, and the silk is not easily deformed.

(2) Burning:

The mane has the taste of burning hair and is made into a powder by hand after burning. The silk has the smell of burning plastic and burns like a knead.

(3)Watch the appearance:

As the extensions lashes, the mink lashes are neater than the mink.

(4) Look at the scales with a microscope.

The mink has hair scales, but the silk is not.


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