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How to find the Best quality Eyelash Factory?

Eyelash knowledge-world Eyelash Factory

We have always believed that only by understanding the products can we bring better products to our customers. Do you know eyelashes? Do you know any Eyelash Factory in the world?

North Korean Eyelashes

The development of North Korea is relatively backward now because labor is cheap, so they mainly undertake semi-finished products of chemical fiber and human hair with low-quality requirements, and then ship them to various suppliers for packaging. Because of the closed-door policy, it is difficult for North Korea to handle the delivery. Delivery time and eyelash quality. If you want cheap eyelashes, Korean eyelashes are a good choice.

Indian Eyelashes

They are better at making eyelashes for human hair because most Indian girls have long hair and their hair quality is good. Many Chinese wigs are imported from India. If you want to make false eyelashes for human hair, it is recommended to choose India.

Southeast Asia Eyelashes

The quality of Cheap Wholesale Lashes in Southeast Asia is similar to that of North Korea. Southeast Asia is a newly-developed production site. The supply chain is not perfect, but the labor is cheap and the supply of hair is sufficient. Like India, he is good at making human eyelashes.

Chinese Mink Lashes

At present, Mink Eyelashes made in China are mainly mink hair, which is a high-end consumer product, and its quality is better than other products from Vietnam, India, and Southeast Asia. 3d Mink Strip Eyelashes are designed by the designer, and they need to communicate with the workers. When the workers lay out their hair, they need to integrate their imagination according to the designer’s ideas to achieve the designer’s design effect. That is to say, all the workers are the designer Of Siberian Mink Eyelash Strips. Therefore, the demand for workers has risen invisibly. Workers need to be savvy and understand beauty. Need to have some culture. The development of Chinese culture is better than other places, so good Mink Eyelashes Bulk has to come to China.

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