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How to judge whether it is high quality mink lashes wholesale?

There are many types of eyelashes in the eyelash market, and the quality of eyelashes varies greatly. High-quality eyelashes have now become a fashion trend. When purchasing eyelashes, high-quality eyelashes have gradually become the main choice of customers. How do you judge whether the eyelashes you buy are High Quality Mink Lashes Wholesale?

The first step: the gloss of eyelashes

High-quality eyelashes look matte and are real.

The raw material of High Quality Mink Lashes Wholesale is the longest hair on the mink tail. Mao Feng is very long in Eastern Europe, there is no stage, and there is no downturned hair. Because the raw materials are of high quality and are closest to the real eyelashes, there is no need for secondary processing. There are some eyelashes on the market that are very dark and shiny, look cheap, and there is no real eyelashes that are untreated on the eyes.

The second step: the softness of the eyelash band

High-quality eyelashes bands are very soft.

Now eyelashes have only pursued beauty, and comfort is also important. When producing eyelashes, suppliers of high-quality eyelashes will pay more attention to the use of eyelashes when making eyelashes. All Guccilash’s high-quality eyelashes and eyelash bands are made of comfortable cotton thread. You can test the eyelashes in your hand, place your hands on the ends of the eyelash stems, and then push it to test the softness of the eyelashes.

The third step: eyelashes do not shed hair

High-quality eyelashes are disorderly and orderly, hair does not fall off, and lower-quality eyelashes will fall off. Why is this? The reason lies in the fixation of the eyelash stalk.

Guccialshes made a special test, how to distinguish high-quality

Guccilashes is the largest supplier of high-quality eyelashes in China. It has been making high-quality eyelashes for more than ten years. If you have any questions about high-quality eyelashes, you can contact us:+8617561687025. We will have dedicated staff to help you solve the problem and start an eyelash business quickly and effectively!

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