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How to maintain 3d mink lashes private labels to extend eyelashes life?

How to maintain mink eyelashes to extend eyelashes life?

Many people wonder if 3D Mink Lashes Private Labels can be reused. Some novices will not take care of them in their daily lives. As a result, the life span of mink eyelashes becomes very short. Some low-quality mink eyelashes have a short lifespan, and because there is no routine maintenance, they have almost become disposable items. In fact, the average life of high-quality GucciLashes eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. If maintenance is carried out in daily life, the service life can be extended to 30-35 times. So, what are the methods for keeping 3D Mink Lashes Private Labels in daily life?

Remove 3d mink lashes private labels Carefully

Be careful when removing mink eyelashes. Remove them gently, as any additional pressure will only damage them. But before removing them, you need to wash your hands with odorless soap. Now, apply a little makeup remover (water-based) on the eyelashes to help loosen the glue. After a few seconds, hold the eyelash handle and gently pull it out. (Note: When pulling, hold the corner of the eyelash handle instead of the eyelashes)

After removing the eyelashes, you need to remove the glue on the natural eyelash line. This is important because it may affect your lash line if not handled properly. In addition, you may find it difficult to reapply false eyelashes to the lash line.

It is very important to remove glue from false eyelashes. You can use tweezers to release all the glue from the front and back. If necessary, scrape off any remaining glue with the help of your nails.

Careful removal of Natural Looking Mink Lashes can maximize the correction and maintenance of mink eyelashes.

Clean Luxury Mink Lashes Regularly

GucciLashes’ mink eyelashes have been subjected to a special physical ironing process and have a certain degree of water resistance. After washing the face or swimming, the mink eyelashes still maintain their original curvature.

But this requires regular cleaning, because when you finish swimming, a small amount of salt in the pool will remain on your eyelashes, and over time they will erode your eyelashes. Therefore, you must clean the eyelashes regularly, rinse the eyelashes with clean water, then gently pat the moisture, and then place them in a cool place to dry naturally. This can effectively extend the life of eyelashes.

Use a False Eyelashes 3d Mink box for protection

Mink eyelashes are very small things, if you just throw them away, you may never find them. Some external friction may also damage the integrity of mink eyelashes. Therefore, it reflects the effect of the eyelash box. The eyelash box is not only used for decoration, but more importantly, it can protect your eyelashes. Protect your eyelashes from dust and external forces, and protect the integrity of your eyelashes to the greatest extent, thereby extending the life of your eyelashes.

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