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How To Make Handmade Eyelashes?

How To Make Handmade Eyelashes?

Lashes Styles can be divided into Machine-made Eyelashes and purely Handmade Eyelashes. The machine-made eyelashes are mainly machine-made, with beautiful appearance, but the quality cannot be controlled, the cost is low, and the output is large. Hand-made eyelashes are made by hand. The Siberian Mink Eyelash Strips are pulled up one by one. The workmanship is exquisite, convenient, and practical, but the process is complicated and the production is restricted by handwork. Although handmade eyelashes require high production, the market is obviously more popular with handmade eyelashes. Do you know How To Make Handmade Eyelashes?

Today, let’s talk about the two important steps in Cannes Lashes’s Hand-made Eyelashes: hair placement and artificial glue setting.

The beginning of production-hair placement

Apart from the preparations for collecting High-quality Luxury Mink hair and processing, swaying hair is the first part of the production and also the most technical part.

This process requires professional workers to place the eyelashes one by one according to the designer’s drawings. This requires great patience and professionalism of the workers to put a pair of eyelashes completely. Why is this the most important step? Because the shape of the placement determines the final eyelash style.

The last step before inspection-manual artificial glue setting

Cannes Lashes‘ eyelash sizing is done manually and uses two-point sizing. Two-point Gluing is impossible for machine-made eyelashes. The advantage of two-point gluing is that there is no offset printing and it is cleaner. Of course, it takes more time.

Secondly, the glue applied is imported glue, which is non-toxic and harmless to the eyes and will not dry out for a long time. After gluing, put the eyelashes on the eyelash holder.

Do you know the process of making Handmade Lashes?

Hand-made eyelashes need to spend more manpower, material resources and time, the purpose is only to ensure the quality of the eyelashes and the soul of the design. Why are Handmade Mink Eyelash popular? Apart from the high quality, the important point is that each pair of eyelashes has its own soul.

Handmade eyelashes are an advancement in the pursuit of beauty. Enjoy beauty, enjoy life.

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