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How to make lashes with own logo?

When you just beginning your own Eyelashes Business, there is a Lashes Business Logo is beneficial for Eyelashes Business, but how to make Lashes With Own Logo?

As a 3D Mink Eyelashes Supplier, we offer High Quality Eyelashes, as well as making boxes and accessories for eyelashes. Many customers are just starting their Eyelashes Business . When they find Gucci lashes to custome the lashes and box , they want to put their logo. But they don’t know how to make Lashes With Own Logo.

Gucci lashes will give the answer for you.

A) For those who have the Eyelash Company Logo

First,you need to tell me your Eyelash logo idea. And send the picture of your logo, the best is AI format (AI is a Vector graphics, in the process of conversion and scaling resolution is very high).

Second, tell us your specific requirements. Such as the color, size and so on. We will make the renderings for you according to your detailed requirements.

B) For those who have no the Eyelash Company Logo

You can find a designer to design the logo ,and then tell us .

But in order to help people who just start Eyelash business, we also provide customized LOGO . If our designer design the logo ,will cost between $50-$100. It depends on the complexity of the Lashes business logo. You can tell us our your Eyelashes logo idears.

One particular thing to note : if you order the eyelashes and box form Gucci lashes, and the quantity of the box is 100, we will design the logo free for you .

After you have own lashes logo, how to order the lashes with own logo?

A) Printing

Print on a box or tray, there is a blog devoted to it. Click here for details<<<

B) make Lashes Logo Sticker

We can do the logo sticker. You can click here for detils<<<

Gucci lashes hope your 3D Mink Eyelashes business will be doing better and better.


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