How to match good eyelashes with an Eyelash Packaging Box Luxury?

How to match good eyelashes with a good Eyelash Packaging Box Luxury?

Good Personalized Eyelashes need to be matched with a good Eyelash Packaging Box Luxury, and every detail must reflect your pursuit of the product and the energy delivered to consumers. There are many boxes on the market, with various materials and shapes, and they are very simple to make. Among the many boxes, how to choose a good Package Personnalis?

The Eyelash Boxes on the market are mainly divided into Acrylic Plastic Boxes and Cardboard Boxes.

Acrylic Eyelash Boxes

The minimum order quantity of Acrylic Lashes Case is very high, the mold cost is high if it can not reach the large quantity. It is not cost-effective to customize this kind of box, but we have also carefully prepared two models for consumers, with a minimum order of 30pcs.

One is a Circle Eyelash Packaging and the other is a Transparent Square Eyelashes Box. Simple and not easy to break when placed in the bag. If you often go to parties and need to change your makeup, then this acrylic box is really a good choice. The bronzing logo is also very high-end.

Cardboard Magnet Lashes Boxes

With the popularity of digital printers, the minimum order quantity of cardboard boxes is small, and the cost of molds is low. The printing can be changed to show the diversity of boxes, which is currently more popular in the market. But consumers are prone to breakage and crush when they are packed in a bag.

Here we mainly recommend two kinds, one is a Custom Packaging Lashes made of a special paper, the Unique Lash Packaging shape can be changed at will, and the bronzing logo. The MOQ of special paper is relatively high, here we have carefully prepared several special paper boxes for you. From 30 rations.

Printing is very simple. You can print any design you like. Although there is no MOQ, the higher the quantity, the lower the price, and the lower the quantity, the higher the price.

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