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How to properly use Lashes Glue and clean it?

How to properly use Lashes Glue and clean it?

—Guccilashes Thursday Knowledge Corner

For lashes novices, how to use Lashes Glue? If you wear eyelashes often, do you really use Lash Glue Best?
Today Guccilashes will tell you how to apply Classic Lash Glue and clean the glue on the eyelashes.

The Eyelashes Glue for the show is one of our more popular, available in 5 ml and 10 ml size. The eyelashes are also hot sale Natural Mink Lashes style —DC36.

Okay, let’s go!

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Step 1:

Cut off the lash band to fit you.

Step 2:

Unscrew the lashes glue and apply evenly to the lash band.

Be careful not to get into a misunderstanding at this time, not the more eyelash glue, the longer you can wear. To know good eyelashes glue, apply the right amount of you, the same can be carried for a long time. If too much glue is applied, it will spill on the mink eyelashes and make the mink eyelash stick together.

Step 3:

Wait until the glue is half dry and the color of the glue is changed from white to translucent.

Tip: In order to speed up the speed of glue drying, less waiting time, you can use external force, such as picking up the eyelashes, or blowing it.

Step 4:

Apply the dry eyelash stem to the root of the Soft False Eyelashes correctly.

For cleaning the lashes glue

After wearing, remove the 3D Mink Eyelashes and put them in warm water. Gently rub the eyelashes to clean the eyelash glue. Take it out and put it in the eyelash box, you can continue to use it next time.


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