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Is the Eyelash Glue Pen better than Eyelash Glue?

Is the Eyelash Glue Pen better than Eyelash Glue?

How can a pair of perfect eyelashes fit the eyes faster and better? Newbies to eyelashes can refer to this blog. Of course, when fitting, the most important tool is eyelash glue. In addition to Eyelash Glue, you can see beautiful Eyelash Glue Pen on the market recently.

The appearance of an eyelash gel pen is more diverse

From the appearance point of view, the eyelash gel pen has more styles. The shape is also very diverse. It can be inlaid with diamonds, pearls, and other textures to make it look more luxurious.

Glue Pen is more like an eyeliner, which directly draws sticky eyeliner and attaches perfect false eyelashes directly.

Is eyelash glue pen better than eyelash glue? In fact, eyelash glue has the irreplaceable advantage of eyelash glue pen.

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Glue is stronger than Lashes Glue Pen

It is undeniable that Lashes Glue Glue is a more professional tool for wearing eyelashes. In terms of stickiness, the eyelash glue is stronger and can easily hold all kinds of eyelashes.

Will the effect of using eyelash glue be worse? Actually not. When your eyelashes are of thin and light style, the viscosity of Lashes Glue Pen is enough. But when your eyelashes are large eyelashes or thick long eyelashes, at this time, the best choice is eyelash glue.

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