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Marbling Eyelashes Box

Marbling Eyelashes Box

What element is placed on the high end of the Custom Packaging Lashes? I think it’s probably marbling. The Marbling Eyelashes Box is an outdated style on the market.

The term “marble” is derived from the Greek “marmaros” and is interpreted as “snow white and spotless stone”. Since ancient times, the marble pattern has been a favorite element of people, and it can always be seen in ancient Egyptian temples, European churches and palaces.

Sometimes, it is hard to be valuable to be able to express clearly what is in a space. Marble can always change through different textures, revealing a natural and clear artistic atmosphere, giving the visual space an atmosphere of black and white contrast.

The hot marble pattern makes the cold and windy simplicity and high-end display become the most competing elements. It is related to the wild nature of the marble pattern. Its white background is matched with irregular textures and has an inadvertent beauty. Although it is cold and sexual, it is not boring.

1. Classic black marble Custom Eyelash Case

Black is one of the classic colors of the marble pattern. It shows the high cold and aristocratic temperament to the fullest. Appropriately adding white items can remove the black depression.


2. Gentle tan marble Luxury Lash Packaging

The soft colors of the tan series add a bit of gentle, delicate and elegant texture to the space.


3. Girl Pink Marble Eyelashes Box

The pink marble pattern breaks through the classics of the past, breaks the conventional cold wind, and presents a warm and lively atmosphere. Make the whole box more aura. Used on the eyelash box is very in line with the definition of girlish.


There are some elements that will never be outdated in the design field, and marble with the most beautiful texture and transparent texture is very representative. The elegant marble pattern is unique, with irregularly formed natural textures and unexpected color composition. You never know what kind of scene it will be when you meet the marble texture next second. Marbling and Lashes Packaging are combined. Whether it is on the Magnet Eyelash Box or the Cardboard Lashes Box, it is a surprise and romantic encounter.

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