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Messy beauty – new design 20mm Eyelashes

Messy beauty – new design 20mm Eyelashes

—Guccilashes Recommended on Tuesday

When God gives human life, it will give beauty, luck, and kindness. But at the same time it will also be malicious. But we are all happy to accept, because imperfect life is a challenge, but also a surprise. At the same time, beauty is also the same, the beauty of the same is ordinary, tasteless. The messy beauty is the most attractive, the same, the messy beauty of the 20mm Eyelashes is also the most attractive。

So messy beauty is really just chaos?

Actually not, our understanding of the messy beauty is reflected in one of our new 20mm length lashes .

This eyelash subverts the concept of equal spacing between each cluster of eyelashes. Some have a wide spacing and a narrow spacing. There is no law. But the characteristic is that although it is messy, it is not ugly. Because of chaos and order.

The second difference is that the thickness of each cluster is also different, the thickest and the slim. The whole creates a weak middle and central European with a hint of strength.

This is why I recommend this eyelash today! I hope that every girl can have the beauty of Audrey Hepburn, and colleagues can have the power of Lady Iron Lady Thatcher!

Girls become the best of themselves! Just like this eyelash, the soft belt is just, chaotic and orderly.

Today’s sharing is here, see you next week.


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