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Never give up—-Maye Musk the mother of Silicon valley

Never say die in the face of difficulties! This is Maye Musk,also is Guccilashes.

Maybe you used PayPal for payment. Do you know the founder of PayPal? His name is Elon musk. But now we will introuduce his mother called Maye Musk—-A Legendary woman !

She divorced after raising three children alone, leading by example. The eldest son is famous in the world Silicon valley stars worth billions of dollars;The second son moved the farm into hundreds of schools and communities;The younger daughter became an independent producer and director in Hollywood and owned her own film company.

She is an excellent person in her own right.

From South Africa to the United States, every time it was a fresh start for her.The hardships of life did not defeat her. She successively obtained the certificate of professional nutritionist in three countries and the master’s degree.

Incredibly, she appeared < New York > in mode at age 60. At age 62, she returned to the catwalk to fight with top supermodels until age 69. Do you think she will give up?No, she told everyone:” I think I’m at my best at 70, and I’m just starting my career “!

She used her life to tell us never to give up! Life is like his ,also the Guccilashes!

A few years ago, the Eyelash industry was hit hard, with factories and trading companies going out of business!

The designers of Guccilashes were at a loss. It’s not a question, it’s a challenge from the 3D eyelash market to the Mink Eyelashes suppliers .

Finally stylist saw American girl beautiful eye model, the design gives bold and sexy 25mm Eyelash. As soon as the launch of the market, but also saved the closure of Eyelash factory and foreign trade companies.

The success of this design is not only lucky, but also rich experience and technology!

There will always be challenges, but Guccilashes will never give up and face them head on.There may be time problems, but the difficulties will be solved.It’s important to have a sense of challenge, like Maye musk.


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