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New sample eyelash box — Lashwood Boxes

New sample eyelash box — Lashwood Boxes

We are the largest High Quality Eyelash vendors in China. We have helped thousands of corporate brands. Whether you have already done eyelashes business or just Started Eyelashes Business, you can seek help at Guccilashes. In order to help customers do Big Eyelash business, Guccilashes can always give you more new options– Lashwood Boxes.

This is a very popular Lashwood Eyelash Case on the market. Features tightly hexagonal patterns. It looks like a beehive. Guccilashes brings Private Label Lash Boxes in four colors:


The white Lashwood eyelash Case makes the hexagonal texture more clear.


Gradient purple

This is a beautiful and magical color. There is a gradient between yellow and purple. Like sunset glow, when you see this color, your mood will be very beautiful.



Dark blue, steady and full of impact. It is appropriate to use it to describe high-quality brands.



The Yellow Eyelash Box looks as sweet as honey


These four colors, combined with the words on the surface of the box and the inner box of Star Sparkle, give you the perfect sample box. No matter which color you like, you can contact us.

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