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New technology for custom logo eyelash case —3D hot printing

New technology for custom logo eyelash case —3D hot printing

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Today I will share a new type of Custom Logo Eyelash Case technology -3D hot stamping. Previous Plastic Lashes Box or the Clear Eyelash Box, if you want the logo, you can only make a sticker. But making stickers on transparent plastic boxes is ugly. At the same time, the cost of bronzing is too high! Don’t worry now, 3D hot printing can meet your requirements.

What’s the 3D hot printing?

3D hot printing is the perfect combination of 3D printing and printing technology. We can directly stamp the logo image on the box. The effect is clear and rich in color. It is no longer a single color of bronze. And it is also different from ordinary printing, slightly raised, which increases the texture of the Custom Lash Case.

These following boxes are the effect of 3D hot printing :

1.Clear Lashes box:

Before, if a customer wanted a logo, need do the sticker, but the sticker was not very nice to stick to the box. This problem is no longer a problem after day and night efforts, and now this technology can be fully realized, the colored logo can be printed directly on the box.

Just like the picture below:

2. Round mirrored eyelash box with mirror:

These round boxes turned out to be a simple sample box. However, if the logo is stamped, it will become recognizable. And it is easy to carry and unique.
For this box, we also stamped two styles: solid and mixed:

3. Plastic ring eyelash box:

We can choose to stamp on the plastic part of the cover, which is equipped with a good base paper. If the printed logo is light, then you can put dark bottom cardboard: if the logo is dark, you can choose a light bottom paper, such as pink. This will make the logo more prominent.

Several samples we made have a white logo, a pink logo:

Which of the above sample boxes do you like?

Or if you have any good-looking patterns or good ideas, contact me and tell me what you think! 3D hot printing will be done for you!

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