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How to make your 3D Mink eyelashes more memorable?—–Private label Mink Eyelashes!

Now the eyelash industry is getting better and better because of people’s pursuit of beauty. In such a competitive market, how to make your eyelashes more memorable? Of course one of the ways is making your own Private label Mink Eyelashes!

Every day, people come to me and tell me that they want to do Eyelash business, how to do the business? In fact, it is not difficult to do the 3D Mink eyelash business. What is difficult is how to do it well. And the customer can remember you in so many businesses. The way I want to tell everyone today is the Private label Mink Eyelashes!

Of course, the basis is that Good product hight quality. The buyer first looks at the quality, if the quality is good, it is left. In so many High-quality businesses, how to make the customer remember is very important.

So the Private label is away, the name for them, Make your own custom eyelashes. Inject the soul, enhance the characteristics of the eyelashes. And in many eyelashes, they will have an impression of your eyelashes.

How to do the Private labe Mink eyelashes?

Gucci lashes have following suggestions:

1. on the box:

You can name your own eyelashes, such as “Miami mink eyelashes”“chi eyelashes ” and so on. Equivalent to creating a pair of Own eyelashes!

2. on the tray:

Some people just want to Print a logo on the box, but also want to Name the eyelashes. What should you do at this time?

You can put the Private label Mink Eyelashes on the Lashes tray!

How do you do after you Choose a location?

Choose how Private labels are made。

A plan: Print

Printing on the box requires adding $0.2 to the price of each box.

Printe on the tray, a kind of name need $30.

The advantage is Printing is Not easy to pull off. The disadvantage is you can only do one name at once, if you want to do more, need to add money.

B plan: Sticker

You can order the name sticker , put it on the box and tray, need $35.

The advantage is that you can do many names at once. Didadvantage is that it looks like there is no print visual effect.


Gucci lashes have witnessed a lot of partners Growing from nothing to the present Eyelash business. So summarize all the Successful experiences here and give you the most Sincere advice of doing the lashes business.

Gucci lashes hope that we can Go hand in hand, not afraid of difficulties, bring beauty to everyone with love and sincerity!

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